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Sonny Bill Williams - Are You Staying or Going?

I am so wanting to hear what SBW is going to do... If he is going to stay in NZ for the super 15 season and possible AB tests after....or leave and go to Europe maybe France?....I hear he has been offered big bucks by a couple of NRL clubs including the Rabbitohs....as well as offers from British Super League clubs....I myself hope he stays in NZ for the next four years until the next RWC....hopefully he will have a taste for it after this world cup and want more...... I don't think he had much chance to prove himself during this RWC because Ma'a was playing well and Kahui was playing well also....but he still has the goods to be a great rugby player, but I just hope having to play of the bench three times (if I remember correctly) instead of being in the starting won't matter in his decision.....as I have read in some articles that it may.... If he does stay I wonder which super 15 team he will play for....me thinks the Chiefs or the Blues.....I see in twitter he has tweeted..'I hear Hamilton is nice'.... Anyway let's hope its good news......cause it will be interesting to see how kiwi fans will take it if it isn't good news


Well if Quade Cooper is anything to go by, I know what'll happen if he goes, sadly.

Oh I hope he doesn't do what he did when he left the NRL Bulldogs because we all saw how the Aussies reacted to that....I can only imagine how kiwis will take the news.....lets hope it doesn't come to that....fingers crossed....it is interesting though that both Quade and SBW are managed by the same Agent.....lol....I am sure SBW will make the right decision....because taking of his shirt during a match can only stay so long in kiwi girls minds.....lol


Cool just saw he has signed with the Chiefs for 2012....I love it....bring on the 2012 Season!!! http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/5880888/Sonny-Bill-Williams-signs-with-Chiefs

I have no idea who that is, but good luck to him...

for real? or are you just taking the piss?....The Chiefs is the Waikato Chiefs Rugby Club based in Hamilton...Richard Kahui plays for the Chiefs and Stephen 'the beaver' Donald did play for and now SBW will be playing for them....should be good 2012 season

Hey, I did say I was new to the sport. The RWC was the first time I watched the game in 20+ years.

You dont know who sbw is??? lol I think just about every female in NZ beats you on knowing who he is =P

Yes I forgot that you are a recent newbie to ruggers.......


We need to develop and retain a younger core of top players for the future with Richie being 35 and DC 33 @ the next RWC- love him or loathe him I believe SBW can develp into our next superstar. I'm still very worried @ the lack of top junior players making the leap to Super 15 and test rugby considering how many World Cup age groups we have been winning... plenty are trying but not becoming the stars we hoping for.......

Richie is not 35 he is 30 and Dan Carter is not 33 he is 29.......but I do agree WG that I think if SBW sticks with it he will be a superstar come the next RWC....


OOPS dEEdEE- i DID SAY "@ THE NEXT RUGBY WORLD CUP" (2015)- sorry- I must ensure I am grammatically correct and the sentence is structured so as not to give an incorrect implication or double meaning.

OOPS I stand corrected.....a thousand and one apologies and a little jig to make amends.....it wasn't your grammar it was my eye sight it deceived me so.......and now in your honour I skip around the room chanting minion for Prime Minister....


Thanx- I could never take it personally from someone with such a great avatar.

....aww shucks WG....you have interesting Avatars too....


.....looks...like Sonny Bill may be heading to the roosters after the 2013 rugby season ends....am starting to wish that guy would just chose a code and stick with it....he comes of his Bulldogs contract at the end of this year...so its gonna be open season on him me thinks....I hope he really considers staying with Rugby but o well his choice..... Article suggests something may be up http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/6205976/Sonny-Bill-meets-leagues-heavy-hitters


Good on him, it's his life and you only get one chance to live it.


SBW is going down the path of a Jack of all Trades Master (Super Star) of None


...watch this space I reckon....I am hoping he stays with ruggers but if he eventually goes to league that will stir up some stuff....lol...can only imagine his first game against the bull dogs they will be after his head....lol


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