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Skater Dies During Competition

An investigation is underway after the death of an 18-year-old during a longboard competition in Auckland. The university student was one of about 200 who skate-boarded down a windy and steep road that leads to the Chelsea Sugar factory in Birkenhead. Sergeant Andrew Wright says the teenager was travelling about 40 kilometres an hour when he lost control of his board, skidded, spun in the air and crashed on his head. He was wearing a helmet, gloves and safety padding on his knees. The police serious crash unit will investigate the death, before it's referred to the coroner. yahoo news

It’s a sad way to end a young life, but unfortunately there is always a risk of injury or death with extreme sport.
If you are travelling at 40 km/h and you hit something solid, even with protection the body is always going to come off second best. Sad.....


Yes a sad end but maybe not a sad way- we should all go out doing something we love- its the timing that sux.


That is very sad, he went doing something he loved doing. My heart goes out to his family and friends at this time. Both my parents race power boat racing and 13 years ago my dad flipped the boat and was knocked out, they had told us he was dead. Was the scariest thing ever. He wasnt dead tho but not far from it. He had an internal bleed to the brain. He had 1 season off racing but he hasnt given it up despite that freak accident, because he loves it. its in his blood to do it. Now he says to me and my family, If i go out there and go over at a high speed, dont panic. just remember this is what I love doing and I dont mind getting hurt doing this sport. despite how scary it can get, especially when going at a high speed head to head. RIP to you young fella.


I guess it's the high level of inherent danger that attracts people to these sports. No pain, no guts. If you don't take some risk then we live in a shrink-wrapped world.


I agree its a sad lose for any parent but you can't wrap your kids in cotton wool. We learn by our own and other peoples mistakes. You do what you have to do!


This happened to a friend of mine, but he didn't die. Very close though. Brain damage, quite a different person, no sense of smell. But yeah, if I was his parent I would have let him, with the right protection. You can't guard against every pain and problem in your child's life. calculated risk.


Such a tragic story, but I guess boys will be boys. I'm sure we all know teenagers think they're bulletproof...I know I did when I was younger. Here in Dunedin we have sufficient hills and skaters seem to always be bombing the steep hills near my place. They've got balls that's for sure...certainly not something for me!

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