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Sick of the Moaners and Whingers? I am.

Anyone else sick and tired of the moaning and whinging about anything and everything to do with the World Cup? You know who they are...we all have at least one friend or colleague who never has anything positive to say...it's usually the exact same moaners who go on and on and on about how Henry should never have been reappointed as coach....and how Hosea Gear should have been selected in the squad....and how Sonny Bill is overrated...and how the public transport was a disaster...and how the Dunedin Stadium should never have been built....and how Auckland gets all of the big games... I'm no optimist. And I'm not a fanboy for Graham Henry or the Auckland Council or a cheerleader for the RWC organisers. But for god's sake, those people that are constantly whinging and never have anything good to say are starting to get on my t*ts!!!!! LIGHTEN UP and have some fun like the rest of us. Get into the spirit of the cup, enjoy the flavour, the party, the sights and sounds, the atmosphere and stop nitpicking....


yeah im the same i was in the city for the irish/oz game on sat (for parents birthday dinner thing) but the atmosphere was awesome people everywhere in the the green and the gold. Everyone was happy good natured bantering going on from both sides Transport seemed to be working well wasnt an issue driving in and out of the city.


There certainly are a few of them out there, although I think many of the comments people have on issues are just a bit of healthy debate. For example it's only natural for people to cry out for Gear if Guildford has a shocker. But while it's fine for people to debate about these things there definitely needs to be a line where people recognise that what's done is done so we might as well get used to it. Henry's the coach, Gear and SBW are in the squad, so forget the fact that Auckland has all the games and get amongst it wherever you are!


I have to agree with Jimmy just pure health debate we all like to think we can pick the team to take it out and when they are not we have our little digs, most are harmful hilarious fun after all it is sport and even arm chair critics think they know it all. I myself am loving it purely for the games and the atmosphere it and the visitors coming for it bring its wonderful of course there are going to be hiccups but that just makes it even more exciting bring it on I say....more for me please....


I think you've just stumbled across the NZ core of success. Everything that heads overseas has been pulled apart by our land of moaners and whingers to the point that only perfection can leave our shores. Keep it up you all, the quality of our complaining must be some of the finest in the world, awesome!


winners don't moan

That's because they won. ;)


I'm a realist, and the All Blacks have some good competition, and may very well not win the cup this year. Some people may consider what I said to be negative, but that's because they're probably fantasists. They bug me the most. I know someone who couldn't care less about the reality of the game, and just expects every game the All Blacks play to be an absolute whitewash. When the opposition scores, they go into a spaz, unbelieving in what they are seeing. I mean, get a grip. It's no wonder the coach and players fear the public backlash when they don't perform as expected.


They can only do their best and there are some tough teams to come. We should support them whether they win or loose. Winning & loosing hurts so much.


Win or LOOSE ??? Come on- only winning matters- LOOSING is for LOOSERS

And the winner of the Garfield Competition is ............................... can you beat that

Mmmm, Garfield...


It's always a great day when the whingers who bag everything get proven totally wrong. Not long to go re RWC and then we'll see who's right and who's wrong!

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