Discussing :: Should Len Brown resign?


Should Len Brown resign?

I heard he managed to keep his wife in the dark for so long because he told her he was going to get some chinese....hehehehehe too soon? hehehehehehehehehe


NO!!!! Leave Len Brown alone! respect his privacy! Len Brown is a inspiration to me and he gives me hope that when I'm 57, old, wacky, bald, married with children that I too can nail a hottie 25 years younger than me! LMFAO! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


give the bloke a bit of time. his family has only just found out, as have the rest of new Zealand. so show a little respect, at least his honesty was shown. add to that the gutter / tabloid journalism that exists in this country today. stand firm Len, Auckland needs you. give the man a second chance. he is doing better Job than many a former mayor.


Everyone deserves a 2nd chance! I do feel sorry for the family an what they are going through but I do feel sori for Len to of what kinda grieve he must be getting


It's hard when your personal life is in the personal spotlight. He needs to deal with his private issues privately but fair enough that people question his integrity.


No, I don't think he should resign. As long he is competent at his job he should keep it. Keep the personal and work life separate.


No, I don't think he should resign. He has made a big mistake in his personal life, which he will have to deal with the repercussions of. But, I don't think it should necessarily impact on his professional life...as long as he is still able to do it effectively.


Probably not, but that was a very silly mistake to make. And the fact that he didn't admit to it until after the elections bothers me a little.


I think he should resign if the affair impacted on his job but not otherwise. If he was found to be lying about it on oath, or using funds to pay for hotel rooms etc. Apart from that it's probably something that happens to plenty of men and women all over the country everyday and has no impact on their employment capabilities.


Yes he should resign as he has shown that he cannot be trusted, and why should someone who cannot be trusted be in this position. If it was a politician he would have been hung out to dry and forced to resign. Len Brown now has the opportunity to actually do something right now - and that is to resign.... Get lost loser...


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