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Scott Williams does it again

Williams racist remark about his former employer Tiger Woods, calling him a "black arsehole".
How much longer will he last. Doesn't it make you feel embarrassed to be a Kiwi?

Steve not Scott.

wouldn't worry about it Cylde just a dumb throw away comment which is no different to me stereotyping Asians for being crap drivers!

As a Maori boy I'm allowed to tell this all time fav joke of mine " Why are there no Maori's on Star Trek?"


Truely don't see how that is construed as a rascist remark- yes he overstepped the mark in a public forum- as many are inclined to do when they think they have an attentive and endearing audience- it clearly showed an (admittedly poor) attempt @ sardonic humour that has backfired completely- whether he pays a price is a moot point but to feel embarassed to be a Kiwi ?? Come on you have to be kidding- my nationalistic pride is not dependent on the lunatic ramblings of a golf caddy in a faraway place- we Kiwis have more intestinal fortitude than that- well most of us anyway. And he is right- it is black- as mine is white.


...umm didn't he say those words in the context of a comedy type roasting of golf players....if they were going to hope people accountable for what was being said in a comedy roast then that is just ridiculuous...I still think however that Steve Williams is still bitter at being dropped by Tiger Woods, because of his huge caddie price tag he use to get from him....but as said before he only said those words at a comedy roast and I love comedy roasts...nothing wrong with it...its all tongue and cheek really......here are one of my favourite comedy roasts of Pamela Anderson....this comedian Lisa Lampinelli is the master of roasting.....


so is everyone offended cause tiger bleaches?


Completely taken out of context... wasn't a racist remark, more along the lines of a roast ... for a laugh... he must be thinking what the f**k is everyone on about?


The most interesting thing about that comment was Steve Williams homosexual tendencies :)


...well he did play with Tiger for a lomg time....


....it is just something the media has blown totally out of proportion in what a dinner and he wasn't the only caddie or golf player that was making remarks about the game all in the context of a comedic roast.....media as per usual plays it to be something else.....cause the Kardashians are getting boring....so they move on to something else


Again I feel that media-monster has made a another partially overheard comment into a fiasco again.

....well Tiger Woods seems to have forgiven him so you think that would be the end of that...apparently for the media it isn't cracks me up....go and find something more interesting to right about one would think...the guy who he had apparently said racist remarks about and who he caddied for, for years, said he isn't a racist but the media do not believe it...you can never win with the media once they dig their claws in your in for it.....


He was only joking and god how PC do we need to be! Imagine if we were judged on everything we said no matter where we were!


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