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Same Sex Marriage are you For or Against?

We are only the 13th country in the world to support same sex marriage. I for one am not to fussed about this who really cares?I think it's great that NZ is ahead of lots of other countries in the Human Right debate. What are your thoughts on this subject do you think NZ has gone to far? or are you in support?


Total support - but there will still be dishes to be done, lawns to mow and arguments. Marriage as a whole sure is overrated. but good to have to option for everyone, yep. Alice Worsley and karen olsen gonna be busy! (celebrants)


I can't understand why there are people in this world who try to control what others do. People can be attracted to whoever they want to be, as long as the relationship is consensual what is the problem!


I completely support it. It makes people happy and it gives everybody equal rights. I would have thought that NZ would have passed this bill years ago. It sure brings out the nutters in this country (religion seems to be the source of all negativity)... just accept others for who they are and everyone will get along with each other.


Congrats to all the same sex couples who have been fighting for equal rights and have made this change happen On another note I wonder if marriage should have just been scraped altogether. Years ago marriage was sacred, you got married and it was quite literally death do us part, you even got cheaper tax if you were married. But now with all the divorces I wonder if marriage is really still relevant to us. Do we need to be married to be in a long term relationship? Why do we want this piece of paper to prove that we are with someone? Shouldn't it be that your either with someone or your not without the complications of legal documents. By doing this it really would have made everyone equal wouldn't it? Just a thought.


Support it on the whole as making a commitment formally I think proves your love for your partner.. especially as same sex and don't really have to. While on the subject: Put my gold lame undersized shorts on the other day, and my Sketchers Shape Ups to show off my legs and butt, headed on down to TePapa to see the Game masters exhibit..... Very disappointed to see it's all about video games??? ..................(say Game masters out loud, not just in your head!)


I support it. I can't see why people are so concerned about this kind of thing in this day and age. It baffles me.


Not for it, but if it happens dont throw it into my face, just accept and move on


I support Gay Marriiage. Why shouldn't everyone have the same right to marry if they want to, if it makes people happy to be able to join in matrimony - so be it, and like everyone it isn't about getting married, it is about committing to the relationship through thick and thin, enjoying the highs and working hard together when the going gets rough - making it work each and every day - and doing the best you can to be happy ever after


Don't support it in any way or form.


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