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RIP Maggie Thatcher or Good Riddance?

She was a pretty controversial figure back in the 80's. I was only a kid when she was the UK's PM but I remember my (left wing) parents not being overly impressed with her, so I've aways viewed her as somewhat villainous. Yet no one can deny she had a massive impact on the political landscape of the cold war and pre nineties Britain, regardless of where you sit on the spectrum. I'd be interested to hear others thoughts? Particularly if you were living in Britain at the time.


I come from a coal mining background in Yorkshire. It was the most horrific thing when she announced a lot of our pits were being closed down. Generations had had work guaranteed and all of a sudden it was over. The 18 months strike was cruel, the Government eventually only gave assistance to women and children, and to break the strike Margaret Thatcher gave carte-blanche for all the miners to have unlimited credit on their credit cards. So of course the crippling debts and interest penalties was the catalyst for the strikes to be over. The men reluctantly returned to work until the mines were finally closed. I have never seen so many men demoralised and humiliated. Margaret Thatcher was indeed a swear word in our house. My personal opinion is, she was one of the strongest leaders the British Government has ever had, she took no truck from anyone and that included Argentina. She put us into the Falklands and although the majority of British backed her it came with huge costs. My cousin Brian (25 years as a chopper pilot for the Navy) wrote this to his Mum "Mam put the kettle on I'm coming home", sadly he was shot down that day and never made it. Margaret Thatcher was loved & loathed but I would have always chosen her to be on my side rather than have her as a foe. Despite my family's opinion of her I always held her in high regard and admired her, but would I have ever said that to them? Hell no! RIP Maggie you are legend.


That was a really insight account Pom, thank you for sharing that. I was too young to remember the Falklands conflict, but I remember the reports of the miners strikes and the footage on telly. I never knew about the credit card situation. I find it really fascinating.


They're referring to her as the last of the true British leaders - someone who not only knew what she stood for and what Great Britain stood for but who also was not prepared to let anyone else i.e. the IRA, Argentina, Libya or the unions, etc turn her from that course. IMHO the UK is a far better place now for her than it would be now without her...


When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died 87 the American media got a bit confused when they first heard that an iconic British woman from the '80s passed away, and started running eulogies for , "Boy George."


"Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead" has been re released in the charts in the UK to "celebrate" the death of Maggie. Last I heard it was up to number 27. I think that's abit rough to "dance on somebodies grave" however the song is still better than any of One Direction's crappy music


Whatever your views on Thatcher - and I lived and worked in Britain right through her eleven years at the helm, so I certainly have my own views - some of the behaviour this week 'celebrating' her death has been shameful. You might somehow expect it from a very small group of marginalised and disenfranchised protesters, but comments from some former politicians like George Galloway and others who should know better have been cheap and inhumane. Show some respect to the family at their time of loss, and let history be the judge of Thatcher's political credentials.


I do not think she should get a state funeral - she is not in the same league as Princess Diana


UK Coal Miners will be doing a merry dance to the Ding Dong Song,


Not only did Margaret Thatcher break the heart and soul of many working class communities in Northern England and Wales, she and the Tories also provided the background/ammunition for many a great New Wave song in the early 1980's. Classics include "Ghost Town" by The Specials and The Beat's political Ska ditty - "Stand Down Margaret" = if only she had stood down' it probably wouldn't so 'Grim Up North' as they say in England!

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