Discussing :: Richie McCaw Says NO to Knighthood but YES to honorary doctorate


Richie McCaw Says NO to Knighthood but YES to honorary doctorate

Richie has turned down a knighthood apparently John Key spoke to him about an up and coming New Years honour but Richie has decided it's not the right time for him, so has declined the offer. I think he is well deservant, however he probably has other plans and would prefer the knighthood much later I suspect. I think we all know he will get it in the end its just when that's all. However he is happy with receiving a honorary doctorate from Lincoln University which recognises natural resources whatever that means...lol but one could say Richie is....lol...I think he already has some type of Business degree.... He has had a stellar career in Rugby (with more to come) and is a wonderful ambassador and leader for NZ and International Rugby and a cool guy to boot have met him on 3 occasions and they were all awesome! Congrats Richie! Articles Knighthood http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/all-blacks/6149978/PM-McCaw-says-no-to-knighthood-for-now Honorary Doctorate http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/all-blacks/6145469/McCaw-awarded-Lincoln-University-doctorate

He's. Just to humble for his own good. Absolute legend!

He's. Just to humble for his own good. Absolute legend!


wait till he stops playing before Knighting him. He's a of pilot too as well as ruggedly good looking (apparently) so he isn't the stereo-typical meat axe rugby player.


Yes wait till he retires, don't want any distractions to his game.


....I think there is a lot more to see of Richie yet, he has made some great things happen in his life time so I say watch this space...who knows what other accolades will come his way.....


Sensible man! It's so wise of Richie, he'd find himself in many an awkward moment if he was Sir Richie. In saying that, he's so cool and calm in any situation, he'd probably manage it fine. Continuing his awesomeness.


speaks volumes of the man

...totally agree Mark he is a wonderful role model for the young people of NZ, well for all people actually....has great character....and will definitely be offered a knighthood later for sure....he's a sure in!...


Yeah completly the right decision


Surely a no brainer for a current player- even for a retired player surely it matters how he conducts himself and contributes to society post-sport- he may become a scumbag or worse- a plitician. Says a lot about the people who nominated him ???


richie mccaw for PM. they need to name a burger after him like the double mccaw wiith cheese.

..hahaha that is what me and the man were talking about tonight ways Richie could be honoured and we did say a McCaw combo from McDonalds would go down a treat.....and their could be a kiddy option for the kiddy meals and the toy would be of him....lol...McDonalds make it work!....I am sure someone in NZ will dedicate something cool in his honour.....at least if someone names their children after him, it sounds way better than that couple that named their kids KZ7!!


Too soon..... I like Richie but I think a knighthood is a bit much.


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