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Do you think New Zealand should be welcoming more refugees or do you believe that we do not have the resources available to cope with the influx?

We will be expected to provide housing, employment and education for every single migrant. However, many of our own citizens are going without these basic commodities.

There is always going to be risk involved with the lack of knowledge about any of these refugees. While we understand the awful situation in their home countries, can we realistically open our arms and welcome so many?


I think we should do as much as we can for these people because " There ,but for the grace of God, go I......."


There is a saying "there but for the grace of God go I". I am a firm believer that charity starts at home. We have to get everybody in our country above a minimum level of existence so they have enough essentials for living. Nevertheless we should do as much as we can for refugees though we have natural limits such as distance from the rest of the world plus creaking infrastructure.


We simply don't have enough resources. A lot of Kiwis just getting by as is. As much as we'd like to help realistically we just can't.


We have a global duty to care for refugees. We have to find the resources to house and educate them and allow them to become successful kiwi refugees.


Some among the refugees in Germany are fighting the police and waving the ISIS flag. Is it worth the risk bringing them to NZ?



If they're waving a flag it will be pretty easy to spot them...

But seriously, we DO have the resources to help thousands, it's just not allocated to the poorest in our country. The RICH have more than enough. Big companies have more than enough. Think about Sanitarium, how much tax do they way to the country, oh, that's right, none. The money is there, it's not being given to New Zealanders who need it anyway, these people are worse off than the very poorest of our country. It's our ethical duty to help.

I'm not religious but, yes, 'There but for the grace of God go I" All these people have done is had the misfortune to be born into that part of the world.

We can do better. We SHOULD do better.


No and send them to America. They are the richest country in the world. We have enough problems here already, with all the different cultures...:) x


This is a tough one, whilst we need to help as these peoples problems are not of their own making, we also need to look after our own people. We need to be very grateful for the country we live in. There is no easy answer, humanity is sadly lacking in so many countries.


NO sorry and NOT our problem...we have enough problems of our own already! :)

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