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Reasons why Facebook is bad

1/ Dirk, a fairy penguin from Sea World was stolen on Saturday night by three drunken men. hehehehehehehehehe! After swimming with the dolphins, the 3 drunks took the penguin and boasted about their night, which sounded like it was out of the movie "The Hangover", and posted pictures of the stolen bird on Facebook. Amatuers!


2/ A friend off mine had a sickie and went to the cricket. He posted photos of him and some of the Blackcaps on Facebook. His boss was a friend. He got a written warning and lost a days annual leave.


3/ Have a friend who is a network administrator and he threw a sickie when his company were working on implementing a new network that would be organisation wide both locally and internationally of which he was one of the major players in the project team...as he wanted to go to a festival and then night club opening happening on the say day, that one of his favourite artists were performing at....he was doomed to fail for the fact that someone his boss knew and who the boss had as a face book friend posted videos of attending the same festival and happened to catch him purchasing booze in a wide shot....and then my friends, friend tagging him in some photos taken from the night club opening, so not only did his boss see video of him but also photos of him trying to dance....lmao!....interesting coincidence but he didn't see it that way....my friend is still adamant that someone was out to get him.....lol


4/ My mate's girlfriend kicked his arse to the curb after a friend posted photo's of him cuddling girls at a party that she didn't go to. She hit thet roof! He didn't sleep with them or anything but it wasn't through lack of trying! LOL!


5/ my friend put up an private announcement about him leaving town, think it was meant to be a PM, his boss and other people found out through that before he told them....


6/ A lot of people don't really think about the repercussions of their behaviour online. I figure you assume anything you say can be seen by anyone, anywhere. Even if you block people from seeing something, other people can forward it...


One rather dim witted employee in my office chose to diss last years Christmas party. In his drunken state he clearly forgot that a) it cost him nothing b) he did not HAVE to come and c) he had all of us, including the big boss as friends on his Facebook account...he did not get a warm welcome when work resumed.


It's good for sharing photos and news with your close friends but, people have learnt the hard way not to express their true opinions about their job, unless it’s positive. Be warned, nothing is private in cyber space

...totally agree nothing is really ever private on the internet it is only as good as the security the provider you are accessing has in place......and even some reputable businesses online....suck and maintaining good security levels....I think it comes down more to internet users being more aware and cautious when surfing the net....

Agree Deedee - even WINZ an ACC arent safe! And goodness knows who else! pays to have a clean conscience LOL


Totally not cool with this joint facebook thing they just decided we all needed if you in a relationship. I mean Wtf?! I have one page that's enough now I find Facebook has just created another shared page for my wife and I? talk about privacy issues :/


Yeah Stalkerbook can be really pissy but if you dont like it - opt right out. And if you use it realise that EVERYONE (including bosses, girl/boyfriends and your Mother!) can check it out. Clean your mouth and your pics folks - might be the decider next job you go for! Meanwhile, its the BEST for keeping in touch!!

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