Discussing :: Rain- too little too late?


Rain- too little too late?

Much of the south island is covered in rain today but is it too little too late? I don't think it's going to make much difference at all to many regions, except maybe hindering some of the dry South Island regions from being declared in drought and not receiving any Govt. help


We're hit with two problems, the dry land and the empty water tanks. Long periods of rain (doesn't matter the density) is what is needed, however any is better than none, so thank goodness for the rain anyway!


There is nowhere near enough rain fall to end the "drought". But there is enough for the lawns to grow back!


I think I might be the only one who is enjoying the drought... I'm loving not having to mow the lawns, no probs getting the washing dry, and a little environmental distress is at least a change from all the emotional and financial crap we deal with every day. But having said that, I'd be rather interested to experience a 'Great Depression' too, so I suspect I'm in the minority...


It's made a lot of the rivers in wellington to dirty to drink The Greater Wellington Regional Council has stopped taking water from the Wainuiomata catchment this morning because run-off caused by the rain has left river water too muddy to treat


Here in the Naki we might just scrape through,we've had a good couple of days but the forecast is not looking good,more hot sunny days on the way.I'm loving it ,makes up for the last couple of lousy summers,go to feel for the cockies though...


Since yesterdy its being pouring down off an on, when its not being pouring, its bein drizzling! still muggy as tho. little bit filling the tanks but still not enough!!!


The clouds are going to have to do a fair bit more crying to make up for the hurt our countryside's suffering. I wonder if people will remember this drought next summer and make provisions to cope better. I know if I was on rain water, my priority would be getting those tanks filled way before summer hits. The glaciers are melting flat-tack & we don't have enough water, somehow it doesn't make too much sense does it.


I'm just glad that we are getting rain now!


Only a tiny bit of rain here in Tauranga and now the sun is out shining again. It's been an awesome summer but it's definitely time for a bit of rain now before things get out of hand.


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