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Product Placement Overuse

It sucks watching sports like Rugby, League and Golf and their are product placements all over the place it's even worse in some movies in some scenes they are every where and yes I know that they help towards the budget of movies and of course the pockets of the movie companies and with sports money for their pockets too, and awareness of sponsors etc but sometimes it does get a bit to much and can dilute the whole atmosphere of entertainment and a good sport or movie.....what do you think?


To be honest I never notice it, except when it's been done deliberately in a humorous way (EG Manu promoting Campbell's soup).


You pay to watch and they earn extra money/get cheaper production costs from sponsorship. Done well it's not really an issue for me personally.


I saw World War Z last nite (good movie but too many dumb/why? moments in it) and there is a huge product placement which I thought was hilarious despite it being right in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse!


Has anyone really found the urge to get up and go buy stuff from product placement anyway? i can honestly say i havent.


Don't really notice wither although I find it annoying when they blur it out like on idol!


It's just me I seem to notice the most random things in movies especially product placements and its usually in weird it shouldn't be there scenes. I know that most wouldn't think about it but to me it just seems obvious in a weird way, that is probably how the company intended it to be I suppose. Here's a like about some product placement moments in movies http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2013/03/25-hilariously-obvious-product-placements-in-movies/


Some of those product placements in that list dont seem to right , i mean in the italian job movie it says mini is used as product placement but in the book isnt it written that they do use minis for the job.....hence there only following the story.


I have started to notice this more and more ...but its usually during a boring film ! Certainly does not make me want to run out and buy anything!


Well especially when a product pops up right in the middle of the game!

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