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Playing sports for money

Do you agree with this? I recently heard an All Black say that he wouldn't play in Samoa because he wouldn't be paid for his appearance. This is a disgraceful... in my opinion you should play sport for the pure enjoyment and fitness, money should not even come in to the discussion. The majority of athletes today expect a salary for what they do - why don't they go and get a real job if they expect to be paid. Society today has so much to answer for... you never had this situation years ago.


Like it or not sport is now professional but it would be nice to see big name teams like the All Blacks giving back to the smaller nations that contribute so many players to their teams.


Agree that the like of the AB's should be playing in Pacific Is places like Somoa, would do the world of good for all!


I would play sports for money as the career of a professional athelete is quite short and full of injuries. Why take all that risk and time to train and not be compensated for it?


In this day and age we live in a professional era where sports people get played very well, my view is that for example the ABs should go to Samoa


The All Blacks are very well paid compared to other sports. Netball players should be paid heaps more.


Sport is mostly professional these days, NZ players mostly have to go overseas to get the big money, I dont begrudge them it is just the way sport has gone now


I am all about giving back and think it is important that all the big names do. At the same time though I don't begrudge them being paid good money as they are dedicating their whole life to their chosen sport. I do think it is crazy how much emphasis sport is given in this country over more crucial things but on the whole I do think our top athletes earn their pay.


Would be my dream to get paid to do what I love.


Can't believe what soccer players earn.


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