Discussing :: Physical capabilities of zombies (what you think zombies are capable of)


But what if they Love ? Like in Warm Bodies ?


I think they would be slow(shuffle speed), probably only using their sense of hearing and smell. They would gather in hordes/masses in large population areas and be easily distracted by noise (ie a child's toy). In other words, while they would be easy to outrun in large numbers they have a pack advantage. While not overly aggressive (opening/bashing down doors) their physical changes would allow them to survive months without food, potentially out waiting any survivors who then have to scavenge.


I was wondering about zombie vision. Would their eyesight work or not. Maybe it would be only down to hearing as the smelling would indicate lung use and oxygen intake and vision would slowly deteriorate . then again, If their brain is functioning properly wouldnt all organs be functioning. Especially the heart. since that is the motor of the body and the brain the driving mechanism..?


I think zombies are defo capable of eating brains as for their speed capablities i think they will start out like fast on to it zombies but as they deteriorate they will become slower and not so motivated.


And why havent zombies been able to speak until warm bodies......i want to see a zombie movie where the have guns.....kinda like dead snow with the zombie nazis......god i watch tooo much tv.


What if zombies started regaining their memories again and started to revisit familiar places or doing things like picking up rocks or stuff to hit and break doors.

I think that would be great if all we had to worry about zombies was that they were going around throwing rocks or breaking doors.It would be a crap movie though.....


Blast them into oblivion

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