Discussing :: Physical capabilities of zombies (what you think zombies are capable of)


Physical capabilities of zombies (what you think zombies are capable of)

Zombie flicks show two very different theories of what zombies may be capable of. The first comes from old movies like dawn of the dead, where the zombies are likened to sleepy people. Slow to move and react, the only danger comes from the numbers they accumulate in. Todays zombies are far more mobile and often have equal or greater physical capabilities than the humans they are hunting. Think The Walking Dead or World War Z zombies. So the questions are: What is your personal preference to watch? What do you think is the more logical theory of zombie capabilities? And what do you think is the best way to combat such an opponent?


Still think sometimes it's down to the way zombies were generated, although even them it's a bit fuzzy .. Resident Evil ones were slow most of the time, until the virus evolved them to have that extra piece shooting out of their mouths, then they were pretty much at the same pace as the rage zombies in 28 Days Later .. I don't have a personal watching preference myself but I know that they shouldn't have any more capabilities unless something caused a mutation, and I'm still a huge fan of crossbows as the ideal hunting weapon!


The faster moving zombies definitely are the scarier type, but I am a traditionalist =) Give me stupid, shambling corpses any day. As far as logic, I think an argument could be made either way, although an emaciated, half-eaten zombie should not be able to sprint after and take down a healthy adult human, it's not physically possible.


I did see a post on Facebook the other day that cracked me up: My tip: never be the one sleeping next to the door/ window. Make your significant other sleep on that side. This way, if a zombie gets in, they'll go for them and you have enough time to get away. I love this, still debating whether I should switch sides! Has anyone used the zombie running app? Ive heard about it but my phone is clogged with other silly but necessary apps!


Although the current debate Ive seen is City VS Country for surviving a Zombie outbreak, pros and cons?


The whole zombie and vampire thing bugs me. They are both dead and have no heartbeat, yet they bleed - Blood flies everywhere when zombies are hacked, run over, shot or bashed to a second death and Vamps in True Blood explode their gooey mass when penetrated by wood (no sexual innuendo intended). But without the heartbeat and therefore a cold body the blood would congeal and thicken eventually becoming like crumbled charcoal in the veins (had a mate study medicine way back when... gory pranks with cadavers). So I therefore, given that they somehow have 'life' and are animated I expect they would indeed be very slow moving. Maybe the 'fresher' ones would be able to keep up a good pace, but generally slow and cumbersome. Incidentally I love The Walking Dead, the fact it is a virus and we all have it is a nice twist. Zombies moving in herds... brilliant!


pretty sure zombies could do pretty much everything they do in the movies, eating people and such things


depending on how the zombies are created will determine how they move. Previous theory's were that they would be dead raising from their graves which would produce rotting and decrepit zombies looking for brains to sustain themselves. The humans that got caught always had their heads devoured as if brains gave the zombies life.. If it is a virus infecting living people that took over when death comes. The primary body functions would be reset to basic levels meaning that the heart and brain should still be working but the virus would alter the brain to make the zombie search out blood for sustenance and life force . these zombies would be moving quicker as they fed more and more giving the ones that feasted on humans or animals much more of a chance to become quicker and well nourished. possibly becoming more up to human levels. If they were missing legs or something then it would hamper their mobility and ability to feed so they should slowly die out from lack of "Food" such as Bicycle girl from walking dead Survival of the fittest and strongest


I thought the Zombies in 'I am Legend' were the scariest. Almost non-Zombieish as they were smart as well as incredibly agile and fast. So it kind of annoyed me. Zombies are supposed to be cold blooded, aren't they? So would only be capable of short bursts of speed. The traditional Zombie type was quite a comical caracter, somewhat slow and stupid.


I think that zombies start out as total bada**es. The hunger cravings plus the lack of pain. They can charge through anything. Over time, as decomposition happens, the zombie will lose some motor skills. It won't be able to navigate a staircase without tumbling down. As various connective tissues lose elasticity the limbs will start to seize up and the movements will become more stilted and shuffle-y. If zombie digestive processes are at all efficient, the ingestion of human brains (or flesh) would work towards maintaining connective tissue elasticity and muscle mass. Failure to eat means the zombie will eventually waste away completely and there will be nothing there to mobilize the skeletal remains.

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