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Pay as you weigh

In regards to airline fares... I think it's a good idea to charge flyers by their body weight. Samoa Air has recently become the world's first company to charge overweight passengers more for their seats.

If your luggage is in excess of 25 kilos you will generally be penalised by around $10 per extra kilo... so the same concept should be applied for extra fat on your person. The payment policy will also help promote health and obesity awareness throughout the world.

What are your thoughts on this - should it be applied to all airlines? It is only fair after all... if you weigh 60kg and the passenger in the seat next to you weighs 120kg, you are both paying for the same amount fuel to haul the excess weight. Pay what you weigh - what do you say?


I don't think that the issue is so much weight as size...if someone is going to spill over into the adjoining seat then they should pay the extra. some people can be quite compact but quite heavy and vice versa and the airlines factor this into their calculations already.


Oh god you have brought back horrible memories about sitting next to a huge man on a flight to Aussie. I was in the window seat so I was totally squashed. It look him so long to move out of my way so I could go to the toilet. Maybe if I was paying less I would have felt better about the situation.


hmm..everyone would slim down for a cheap trip to europe - some mightn't make it. they'd be weak, anorexic and depressed


so you should, if your obese then suffer the consequences


Totally agree with this. As someone who has been obese there needs to be more incentives to lose weight.


I say weigh the hand luggage or have some technology that can weigh without placing an object on a scale. Heaps of people have heavier hand luggage than the limits.

Airlines have their hand luggage weight limits but very rarely enforce them. They mainly look at the dimensions of the luggage to ensure it fits in the above-head compartments or under the seat. As long as it doesn't look like you're struggling with it, you are likely to be fine. I suppose if you're a light person you should be entitled to slightly heavier luggage... lol.


Anything that encourages a healthy weight is good but I don't think tall or muscular people should be penalised.

Muscular guys may not be as large as an overweight person, but they are still a lot heavier than the average person (you may question that being regarded as healthy) and contribute to the extra fuel needed as well.


Tough call but then again you don't want to be the one sharing your seat with an obese traveller


I think its a shame and unfair for tall, heavy guys who are just that way inclined because of their genes. Think about how much an Ali Williams would have to pay for a ticket. But its come about to address the wider issue of obesity nowadays. The crowds boarding the flights are simply heavier now.
I think as long as the profit the companies are making off its obese flyers are passed along to the fitter flyers, this could work. But that still doesn't take away that the fit larger people will get the sharp end of the stick on this


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