Discussing :: Our slack punishment for people who abuse animals


The punishment should fit the crime with the added realisation that it is not a large leap from hurting animals to hurting people. No leniency for cruelty to animals (or people for that matter).


Is is a proven fact, those who hurt animals are at a higher risk of also hurting humans. We need to bring in the American model of animal control and punishment for abusers. NZ is appalling, case being the recent puppy farm in Levin. Please, because she is a vet nurse she should know better. Ummm no, everyone with an ounce of humility/empathy should know better.


I am always happy to see families with animals. It's so important that respect for animals starts at a young age - knowing that animals are in our care and need to be treated like any other member of the family. Great to teach kids about sickness, old age (our cats) and eventually death. I can't imagine any child that has grown up with a dog or a cat as their friend ever treating another animal badly. It's great when owners are allowed to take puppies and dogs into schools to teach kids that don't have animals about empathy.


I saw some pictures of a cat whose eye was so swollen and infected the cat couldn't see and looked like it had been like that for months. It makes me so angry that people can treat anything like this and have little to no repercussions. I can;t understand how they would treat humans any different.


Yes they should get back what they dish out. I think the punishment for animal and human abuse should be the same and it needs to be a lot tougher then what it is now. Rather then animal testing I think that is what they should use the offenders for. Leave the innocent alone.


I wish we had the ruling as america and could arrest those who are cruel. we are so slack here in nz.


Maybe a licensing system needs to be established, rather than a mere registration. No license - your animal is seized, you get fined and if your animal is found to be a abused, you're charged as a criminal. Actually while we're here - qualify the people who are allowed to have kids too!


Defintely needs to be tougher - and the people that are found guilty need to be supervised afterwards - it starts with animals and then ends up being humans they abuse..


There needs to be a law change as this seems to be becoming more common, I do hate to hear about incidents where people do such crule things to animals, they have feelings too! Think how it woudl be if the same was done to you


I think those people who are cruel to animals should be banned from owning them for a minimum of 5 yrs and then must be monitored at there own expense by SPCA or similar organisations to see how the welfare of the animal is :O)

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