Discussing :: Our slack punishment for people who abuse animals


Our slack punishment for people who abuse animals

Animal abuse in NZ is on the rise and the cases of cruelty are getting worse. Those people who get caught and some what punished its pathetic..... yes it has improved and made progress from what it used to be, which is awesome. There is more awareness but its still not enough to stop these low lifes hurting/ killing animals. I think more harsher penalties for those responsible animals have feelings too.


Yes it is slack but it isn't alot better for people who abuse other people either..


I agree there definitely needs to be tougher penalties. It should be made public in the local papers just what the penalties are so that it may make people think twice and that it's not always just a slap on the hand by the SPCA but that you can go to prison. The problem is that they are given a fine and a slap on the wrist more often than not so they keep re-offending. It's not always the people you think that commit animal cruelty though. Iv heard a couple of people over the years tell me " oh yea we had a rabbit / guinea pig but the kids forgot to feed it and it died" Im sorry so your pet starved to death because you wern't checking to see that it was being taken care of? You left it to a child like a toy and didn't teach them the responsibility of it?


Punishments for abuse of animals and kids is crazy lenient here. Same patterns of pscyhopathic tendencies in both cases so needs harsh punishment. Gareth Morgans anti-cat rave didn't help.


People that abuse animals are less than animals themselves. Set Rob Schneider on them to 'cut thar frickin' balls off!'


Unfortunately most of NZ laws are soft, Murder and manslaughter, repeat drink drivers, animal cruelty are usually too light. Don't get me started on the holiday resorts some of our prisons are. however we have harsh penalties on people who steal money. I don't have a probably with locking people up and throwing away the key plus in prison they get 3 squares and regular sex, which is alot better than I have! LOL


We have a responsibility to treat animals well. Get that achieved and how we treat each other and the environment will follow.


My thoughts, while probably a little extreme, often come back to being the punishment should be equal to what the human has done to the animal. People who abuse animals, children, elderly etc are the lowest form of human in my opinion.


I think people should def be punished more for cruelty to animals, some of the tings people do are just horrendous!


People who harm animals should have the same punishment they did the the animals! Its shocking what people do the animals.

I was going to suggest exactly the same thing you said, what they are prepared to do to animals shall be done to themselves.


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