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So true - live life like its the last day!


I'm a bit of a avid planner, planning ahead all the time. Should tone it back a bit eh, appreciate every day!


Great saying


I'm an all or nothing kind of person & it's only now as I have got older that I have realised, tomorrow will always arrive, and the need to bust my boiler is so totally unnecessary.


It is the best motyo in life for most things


Yes and so many people spend most of their life working and not spending time actually living it...but until, they are too old! :) x


Mindfulness is so useful- especially in a busy lifestyle! Sometimes I just close my eyes, then focus on what I can hear, what I can feel, what I can taste and what I can touch..... it doesn't take long but it can really help you to refresh and just take your mind off something by just focusing on the moment.


Yep but tell that to everyone at this time of year! lol...:) x


This is so important especially in our current economic climate. Just get through each day the best you can and be kind to yourself but also realise that you are not alone as there are other people out there struggling as much if not more than you are. Talk to people, tell them how you are feeling and you will find out you are not alone.


Learn from your mistakes and start every day afresh. Life can be so short and fragile so make the most of every day.

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