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One day at a time...

Too many dont live by this rule and is it any wonder the stress levels rise...enjoy life, embrace it, dont work it away.


This is really true... and must be true... for our life is a continous journey, and has to be enjoyed and savour, on a daily basis... ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!


The hard truth is that life does not get any slower. Slowing down is just an illusion. Life doesn’t slow down or get any easier. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get to where you want to be. You need to be happy with who you are and where you’re at. Remove the stress and take time out to unwind, enjoy the moment, you and your family will be better off for it.


I def work to live. I wasn't always of this mind and was driven by career goals. Until I was made redundant after years of loyal service. Companies can take on a life of their own.


Live to work, work to live? Nah F**k that Sh*t. Live to party and work to pay for it!!! But seriously there are too many people that cant find a balance. I own my own business so I probably work a little more than some people but man I also get awesome holidays when I want them, I dont have to answer to anyone and money is not a problem. I believe too many people stress. Do the bast you can and get on with life. Life is short play hard.


I think the problem is that we have so much going on in our lives its often hard to stop and step back and take in a deep breath....anyone can play hard but to keep doing it constantly good luck with that....do what makes you happy but make sure the things that can change that happiness are dealt with....keep that in balance and one day at a time can be achieved and some


If you want truly want less stress and better quality of life then you better read what this guy has to say http://www.nlpco.com/2008/12/toms-twelve-laws-of-life/#axzz2Wc0ggWDU “12 LAWS OF LIFE – TOM HOOBYA” 1. Self-Management and people skills are the key to your success and happiness. 2. You are at the centre of your Universe. Stay there! 3. What you think about most is what you get. 4. You make your habits and then your habits make you. 5. Guilt enslaves you, responsibility liberates you. 6. “Obligations” are a fraud. 7. Expect less from others and more from yourself. 8. Nobody wakes up in the morning choosing to be the Villain. 9. There is no “Happily ever after” in the real world. 10. There is a Hell, and its starts early. 11. You can create paradise on earth, many people do. 12. It’s never too late to change. The quality of our lives comes from what we actually do.


If the young knew and the old could, there is nothing that couldn't be done


true! one day at a time will make our past better and our future brighter because we pause and live one day at a time.


one day at a rime is the best way to live! lifes to short


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