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There seems to have been a new sport developing in NZ, watching celebrities (term used loosely) making fools of themselves in the boxing ring. Will be interesting to see how many people will think its worth watching Jamie Ridge box - perhaps an anticipated broken nose will raise the betting stakes. May prove me wrong - Monty Beetham is a fan


boxing - not really mud wrestling - probably


I think a lot of people will watch it, probably more out of curiousity than anything else. People will want to see what happens when 2 relatively attractive girls are put in the ring to participate in a sport that is generally reserved for big, strong guys. It helps that Rosie plans to do it in a bikini as well.


Sorry it won't hold my attention as much as Woman's Beach Volley Ball would but it may come close if Jamie Ridge gets put on her Ass, lol.


Surely, you can't be serious? This fight will be a joke and if the promoters think these 2 dolly girls will put on a Haley Holt vs Paige Hareb Smashed 'em Bro feast they need to give themselves a upper cut! However if they had a fight in a paddling pool full with jelly only wearing G bangers then I'd be ringing Sky TV and booking that for sure. I am serious....and don't call me Shirley!


People are weird, they all say what load of rubbish, I wont be watching...but when they are alone in the lounge the will be watching it just out of curiosity...it's just human nature.


I'd love to been beaten around the ring by those 2 girls LOL! Sadly I'd probably end up like My Boy Blue in Old School! "Just ring the f**king bell you pansy"...................You're my boy blue! You're my boy!


They could take it to another level and have mixed doubles, SBW might be up for it. Good publicity for the much anticipated (not) reality t.v. show.

I think SBW has already done the double on the Ridge "sisters"! hehehehehe yes I'm jealous much!

I reckon the girl from the GC will win the who looks hotter in the Bikini.


I have my money on Rosanna Arkle from Whangarei to take out the "Bikini Title", yeah!


I'm going for the girl from the GC, just because I really can't stand the Ridges and the way they act like they're major celebrities.

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