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Naughty Naughty Oracle Team USA

The organisers of the America's cup must be angry as, about the Oracle Team USA and their modifications to their race boats without approve considering they won a number of those races, stripping them of the trophies and the awards for those races is not enough even though investigations are still going strong into this issue. I hope they are made an example of, but I doubt it but one can only hope that in such a glamour sport even they can make their sports men tow the line


Go Team NZ! great team great prize go tom cruise to victory now no amount of cheating will stop Team NZ bringing home the prize


After seeing the matches between Luna Rossa and Artemis and TNZ dominating, I am eager to see how Oracle stacks up. I hope to see some exciting matches coming up. I am sure Oracle is worried, TNZ is definetly the best of the competition by a mile.


Poor old TNZ first they take a dive and team members fall in the drink, luckily the are all fine and today the boat wouldn't budge and Luna Rossa sneaks in for a win, only way the could though hehehe, best luck for the rest of the races TNZ you can do it as for Oracle one word to describe there antics cheaters


Getting relly frustrating when they getting ready to race than it gets cancelled!!! even worse yesterday when NZ were way up ahead but they lost against time. Tommorow has to be the day


agghhh what a day yesterday!!!! couldn't believe it! Then no racing today... fingers crossed again tomorrow!! phew have no nails left


Sitting on match point, are we sunk or is today the day to nail them? Come on TNZ finish them off.....please. I bet the Oracle management has thrown some huge $$$ at their boat over the last few weeks to come from behind and make them fast. Yes Team USA are real good sports, looks like money does buy that winning grin after all. Bastards!


Truly naughty, naughty!!! Its all over now and time to move on. But the "race-feeling" everyone was in during the past weeks was amazing. It was contagious and fun and overflowing support that made this race a memorable one. Believe in karma Oracle!


Hmm nearly every sport can change something during the event to make an improvement - such as replacing rugby players mid-match, a tennis racket or car tyres. All participants should thoroughly read the rule book and ensure everybody knows what they can and can not do during an event.


Team NZ put up an awesome challenge.


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