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Names for Kates and Wills Baby?

Well with the news that Kate is preggers, with possibly two royals I was having a chat with a girlfriend at possible baby names of course their is the standard Charles, James, Louis, Henry or Elizabeth if it's a girl and then we thought perhaps they may name the baby after Princess Diana if it's a girl. So I had to go into work today to pick up some reports and asked a few of the guys their and some of the names were ideal and some were really out there here are some of their suggestions Good Richard Henry William John Diana Olivia Victoria Elizabeth Interesting Names Tulip Lucky Silver (with spoon for the middle name) Apple Lucifer Manu or Jamima (Play school theme here) Honey Boo Boo Hone Oxwana Susan Boyle Some of them were really funny and others I couldn't not here because they were just to wrong, but you can see the sense of humour of some of my work mates, so was wondering if you have any interesting suggestions for baby names?


....gosh its sad to hear about what happened to the nurse who took the initial call from the Aussie radio DJ's, wow that just changed the whole level of the prank call saga.....


Yeah. Goes to show some media lose perspective about how they are messing with people's lives and humiliating people, belittling them and getting them fired is not so funny to the victim. Local media should take note. Some DJs in this country have been known to push the boundaries.

...yeah I don't think they thought that this could possibly turn out the way it has...I am sceptical about the hospital though, they say they supported her through it but I think someone gave her the hard word and she was hurt by that and then some of her peers would have given her grief over it....and the poor thing probably took it to heart.....its funny how the radio station covers their arses by saying that never thought anything like this would occur...yet one of the DJ's was still praising their events on twitter hours before they were told of the nurses death....and then next minute they have gone into hiding......one has to be careful with pranks because some find it funny....but the person who is pranked usually doesn't and in this case it is evident....feel sorry for her children and the rest of her family......


name him prince so he can be called the prince formally known as prince.


Something royal of course! If it's a girl, might be Diana...? Hmmm It would be named after a royal with 'The second' after it... :)


Luke, because then Wills can rock up to him and say "Luke, I am your father". Or call him Sparta, then the headlines could be "THIS IS SPARTA!!".


I like Bethana for a girl - a mixture of ElizaBETH and DiANA


Jump off the tradition train and give them a real name that none of their cousins already have how about Willimena ?


Maybe we just let Will and Kate decide- I'm SURE they are not bound by tradition, covenents or resticted by upbringing. Oh... looks like it is a tossup between Elizabeth or Mary- hope for the baby's sake he's a girl.


Don't the royal families always use similar traditional names all the time?

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