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thanks guys grow the Mo and raise money for a good cause


I think Movember is a great idea!..... Aslong as I don't have to do Fanuary!


my girlfriend wouldn't appreciate my mo, so I decided not to take part in this year's movember, so far, I've done it once couple of years ago, I looked ridicolous, not every man can wear a mo...


Everytime I see a mo I think of Ali G and 'benders moustache'. Can't help it, I'm laughing now. Really I'm glad its only for a month.


I've seen some motley bits of fungi going on some of the guys at work, long way to go before they become handle bars. At least its for a good cause so they can put up with the itching.

Wyatt Earp - this ones hard to beat.


I support Movember (sponsor) mates but don't do it as my Mrs uses it as a excuse to stop putting out for me! yes she is! I really can't understand her as Movember is for a great cause and I don't take long hehehehehhehehe!!!!!!!


I'm doing Movember! At the moment it's wispy (just like a teenage on Police 10-7) and patchy. My mates reckon it's just a eyebrow coming down for a drink but hey they have all sponsored me so all good. I really hope it starts growing because my nephews mo is thicker than mine and he's 15!


I asked a female friend why there wasn't a female equivalent to Movember and she said there was Fannuary and Furrbruary. Now I'd be there for the shave down with bells on!


Sure I'm one of 'those' girlfriends that can't stand Movember. I'll still supported my Boyfriend and my male friends but yuk, there are no PDA's while my Boy friend has a moustache. However SBW looks Hot with a Mo (and anything else) and I wouldn't say no to him even if he looked like a sleazy dodgy mexican bandito!


The fact is that it's for a great cause, and if you get a laugh out of it then that's a brucie bonus.

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