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Movember every year gets me excited have to outmo the mates


I was going to be doing movember this year but mine looked so ugly so I had to give it a shave


For the life of me i just CANNOT grow a mo, a beard yes, mo no. The whole of November would have come and gone by time there was even a noticable bit of bum fluff on my lip :(


Good thing hubby doesn't have one all year round.


MOVEMBER - The Beginning TEN years ago two blokes in a Melbourne pub joked about bringing back a cultural icon of the 70s - the moustache. From humble beginnings in 2003, Movember has grown from a joke to a challenge, and from a challenge it became a global philanthropic movement for men's health. The modern moustache isn't just for hipsters and rugby league players; it's a force for good that raised $124 million last year, across 14 countries, for prostate cancer and male mental health. Founders Travis Garone and Luke Slattery are two men on a mission - to cultivate facial hair and men's wellbeing in the month of November. "We were having beers and we stumbled across this idea, it was a joke and going to be fun," Mr Garone told news.com.au. "The appeal of Movember to most guys is to have a good excuse to grow facial hair - be a bit disruptive, maybe upset the boss. "Once you start wearing it, it's a catalyst for conversation." Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/movember-reign-how-a-pub-joke-turned-the-moustache-into-a-300m-symbol/story-fneuz9ev-1226507980569#ixzz2BuzXZ2Ki

Wyatt Earp, you could never mistake those handle bars.


its one of those things were if you are rubbing your moustache you look smarter. no-one wants to see a man rubbing his shaven lip........


Haha I started to grow a moustache one year... I just got laughed at because it's blonde and my hair is brown. Although to be fair, my hair was blonde at an early age. Facial hair just isn't my thing... good on you for doing your thing and supporting Movember.


Early start to Movember mid October.... was off to a vaction to Vanuatu and decided to get rid of it. Am over it now. Will see how it goes next year :)


I've been into Movember for a number of years now, some of my mates start 2-3mths before Movember! Its a toally awesome way of highlighting mens health & we should all get behind it! Grow the mo!


I can grow a mo real easy & quick.. had a solid one for a few days at end of october before shaving it off as was told I looked like hitler youth with my new haircut... :/ not a good look haha I just feel really dodgy rocking a mo? My dad has had a mo my whole life & if I try one for a few days I'm told I look like him so quickly shave it off ... I grow facial hair very fast! If only the hair on my head kept growing the same!

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