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MOTORSPORT Fans Need & Deserve A Venue

This weekend the ITM 400 will be the last V8 Supercars event in Hamilton, the battle goes on, Ford versus Holden, Australia versus Kiwi drivers. Race by Day and Rock all Night with INXS, should be a great three day event. Pity it’s going to be an end of an era, lets hope they find an alternative venue for this event. Motorsport is huge in NZ and it would be a big lose if we were taken out of the Series. I’ve got my fingers crossed for all our local drivers this weekend, both Blue & Red.


Yes NZ needs a V8 event, shame it wont be a street race, as they are the best and most entertaining. Hopefully Puke will be up and running so that NZ doesnt miss out. Better to take time to ensure that the event is viable for the long term. If NZ drop the ball again the event will be lost more than likely for good.


Remember that the Tony Cochrane threatening to pull the plug on the V8 Supercars coming here is the same Tony Cochrane who pulled the plug on Pukekohe only to backtrack a few months later and grant the venue two more years. Pukekohe had two final events! So his threat not to bring the series here isn't as firm as one might think. It's really a play for money. It's sad that Hamilton lost the hosting rights. But it's really too far away from a large enough population base to support an international event. Realistically only Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch have the populations to support V8 Supercars. Cochrane needs well over 100,000 entries ove the three days. Pukekohe could achieve this at a push. That's why Cochrane favoured a sgtree race. It would be held close to the population. Sadly this proves to be tough with the Resource Management Act and word is that a revamped pukekohe is back on the agenda. Support is from Auckland City (Pukekohe is now part of the Super City), the racing club who own the venue and cental Government. Fingers crossed.


We always seem to get the short side of the stick when it comes to the V8"s. First Wellington then Pukekohe and now Hamilton and the Auckland stick in the mud officialdom that will not let it happen there. I agree a revamped Pukekohe Raceway seems the only way to go to keep this event in the good old NZ. There must already be a partial revamp planned for Pukekohe as the NZ V8 Super Tourers are going to hold a 500 km meet later this year at the raceway. And the same fingers crossed we do need a venue for this.


Pukekohe race track revamp: From what has been said in the papers, there is no more room for any track expansion or enough money in the pot to get the track up to scratch for another big Aussie V8 event. Any upgrade done to Pukekohe will be only putting off the real problem. We are kidding ourselves, we need a new location and as stated a new venue by a main centre to attract the crowds. So where do we go after this weekend. Drown our sorrows in front of the TV?


A big loss for Hamilton but now 3 News just confirmed that the V8 Supercars will take place in Pukekohe in 2013. Next year’s racing will be open to all manufacturers not just Holden versus Ford which will make things more interesting. Competitors will have the option of using the same manufacturer V8 engine or if a suitable variant is not available, using another V8. So we may see Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, and BMW racing. Another piece of news form General Motors, cars may or will be able to drive themselves by 2020. Self driving vehicles with the help of GPS could be on our streets. Wonder if we ever see “Man versus Computer” on the Race Track in years to come. Food for thought!


We certianly do need a V8 NZ based event, it is sad that Hamilton wont be hosting again, I'd be very happy if the V8 returned to Pukehoe :)


Whats wrong with Hampton Downs? It would be quicker to get to from Auckland than Puke.


I actually thought Hampton Downs was going to be the new Puke after all the comments regarding how "dangerous" the track was getting. Now millions of dollars later, they're not looking at it as a possible replacement? The place was purpose built and easily makes up for the mess that the Hamilton City Council created, will have no disruption as it sits on SH1 and even has a hotel sitting next to it! "It already has a fully functioning 2.7 kilometre track with the necessary FIA Category 3 standard for V8 Supercar racing, and we have resource consent to extend the track to 3.8 kilometres." - Hampton Downs' managing director Tony Roberts


Vamps, Hampton Downs won't be used for anything other than local events until serious money is put in to finish the site. You also can not take everything Tony Roberts says as gospel. Yes they have consent to extend the track. But the money? No. The bank is already running the finances day to day because of all of the money they have loaned into it. Roberts also said that the track would hold World Superbike races but the series viewed the track and said itwould never attend because the run offs are too short. HD is also only consented for around 25,000 people per day. Any international event will want this atleast doubled if not tripled. To get these people in HD will need atleast one grandstand (construction not even started) and adequate parking (currently clay grounds to the west). Then there are the amenties which are basic at best. And there is absolutely no shade. The first round of the SuperTourers saw cracker weather but there was no where to go to escape the sun. Atleast Pukekohe has covered grandstands and trees! Cochrane & co visited Hampton Downs a few years ago and laid out what was needed for the V8 Supercars to consider it as a venue. Improvements made since then? Only the completion of the pit garages. No track extension, no grandstands. When it was being designed and resource consent fought for (I lodged a supportive submission) Hampton Downs promised so much as a modern facility capable of holding international events. It's been open for a few years now and yet has sadly, failed to deliver many of those promises.


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