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Have you stocked up? Will this be the New Zealand equivalent of the Irish potato famine? Would you buy it on Trademe if you run out? (seriously, people are selling it on trademe!!)

seriously when will Marmite be back on sale?
I look hopefully each time i do the shopping
but all there is a sea of yellow ..............grrrrrr


Give me Nutella or Rasberry Jam served on hot toast with butter any day of the week. I wish Marmageddon was true and forever!


We usually have both vegemite and marmite in the house and I use yeast flakes sometimes, so I think we will survive. But anyway trying to cut back on the thick layer of butter melted on toast - just another vice catching up with me.

Yeast flakes??? THat's CRAZY talk!!!

Back in the day it used to be called Brufax I think. You find it in the baking section now packed as Savoury Yeast Flakes. I know the rest of the family think I'm crazy too, although I don't think it is as bad as one of the kids who has to have honey and vegemite mixed together.

Brufax, Yeah I remember the day having it soak into the melted butter on toast. Very Nice. We haven't had marmite in the house for quite a while now and sorry Marmite but as each day goes by the kids are converting to the taste of vegemite. I hope your've got a great come-back campaign planned!


My partner eats vegemite and my son eats marmite. I eat neither. A marmite famine will go down in history.


we too have both with my middle son enjoying Vegemite more than Marmite; which means that we may all become Vegemiters if we cannot get our Marmite fix :-/ If we really need a fix of the black stuff...I recommend Guinness!


....and they even do clothes...a tiki licky tee-shirt...


I bought some yesterday, before the media hyped it all up, but then due to a thread on facebook I decided to go try Our Mite, which is a UK version. It's okay. Bit like a cross between vege and marmite but runnier. At this stage I'm not raving about it, but it might be better on toast, rather than eating it out of the jar on the end of my finger...

....I remember having the UK version when living in Europe and didn't really like it, but couldn't get marmite or vegimite over there....I remember wheat biscuits to lol....the equiv to our Weetbix here.....and thought those were okay.....name different only to me but with the dark stuff, the taste in my opinion were totally different


Marmite spread is made from a yeast extract, and as a result it contains some healthy vitamins, mainly vitamin B. Can't say l have ever had the taste buds for it, although my wife likes it. Whats wrong with honey people. Never mind MARMITE lovers there will be a new fungus or such out to replace it shortly. Mad scientist are at work in the Labs as we speak, lol.


Ah i remember brufax - otherwise known as sawdust... My favorite is a slice of fresh bread with a stripe of honey, marmite and jam and then rolled up - nom nom nom...loved it as a kid, love it now!

You should chuck some cheese in there as well.


What happened to the CheesyMite they tried a while back...sounds gross but might be worth a fix ??

I think I saw Cheesymite in the store yesterday when I bought Our Mite to try upon someone's recommendation. Its SUCKS!!! Don't do it!!

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