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What a big thrill for Lydia to win her first money cup challenge, what a sensible girl she obviously has had great advice and now deserves all the praise that is her due WELL DONE


Lydia Ko is a legend already. Just shows where dedication practice and talent takes you. The harder she practices the lucky she gets.


Good on her. $150k USD as well. A pity a few more of our nations youth don't have the same dedication etc.


well done lydia.. she is quite good


What a fantastic role model she is!


Lydia has done fantastically well. And at last she is now reaping the financial rewards.


Good on her!!! She can now pay back her parents for all the other games she's been too ha ha.


Wow...glad she is not letting the pressure of turning Pro get to her. You go girl!!!


I think she is also and is always humble in her approach I never really liked watching Golf found it rather boring but have stated to enjoy it since watching her she is slowly converting me to the sport....good luck to her for her future games


She is awesome......hope she has a fun and successful career!

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