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Are we seeing a slide into chaos here? Society unravelling, or nothing more than a blip on the radar, a blot on London's copy book? I have distant memories of the rioting in London back when I was a kid. Scary times. I wonder if there would be anything that would evoke such a response from New Zealanders, or are we too laid back to react that violently?


I don't know what would make New Zealanders riot like that. It would have to be something really bad, worse than losiing to France in the world cup again! Most of the rioters are under 20 and don't even have a cause at all, they just want to riot. I think things will die down and be forgotten soon.


The UK have an underclass that's incomparable to anything in NZ. As long as they think they can continue getting away with it it'll keep going - there's no 'Cause' just a bloody great opportunity to let loose as all the emergency services are tied up with other lowlifes doing exactly the same thing

Like this incredibly smart fella.


A bear of little brain...


Looting a bunch of stuff - Free Posting picture online with your loot - Priceless. Top job that man. lol.


According to London Police, Twitter was to blame. I have an exclusive on a police sketch artists rendering Photobucket


That's him ossifer, THAT'S him!!!


London..... when the disgruntled get a sniff of an opportunity it's amazing how few can escalate a situation for their own ends.... sad and scary- a precursor for the future of the developed world as poulations soar- time to get the kid's gloves off and treat them as adults.


Bloody yobbos .. how often do they take advantage of a situation as an excuse to burn , vandalise and loot...


yeh they had those student riots not too long ago so prob just an extension of that in part


Just show's you the percentage of criminals out there that will do anything they think they can get away with...with the many more crooks higher in the ranks of criminal society keeping well away as they keep a lower profile. I'm sure there would be heaps in NZ ready to do the same given half the chance. We just need to come down on them with a higher level of force should it ever happen here.


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