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Local elections - did you vote?

So local elections are coming to an end.. as a fairly civic minded person I was keen to vote and everything. But even I found it hard voting for people I didn't know, based on rather uninteresting blurbs (if you could even bother reading them). Wondering if there's any way to make it more accessible.


heck yes, want to make a change to our local government!


Yes I voted, mainly because I wanted Michael Laws back in as mayor... for the rest of them I couldn't really care less about. We're only voting them into a job which will provide them with a large salary (that they don't deserve). Let's just say I chose the best of the worst candidates... most of whom are elderly and think they have all the answers. What should happen for next election, is to provide an online voting website so hopefully more people will vote - currently it's only around 40% of the election roll. Just goes to show nobody really cares about the whole thing.


No, I didn't. I have given up on local and general government. I find that you find one great candidate vote them in and then they get caught up in the political scene and forget about what they promised you. I think we need to get together to hold them accountable for what they are there for.


No because I'm a slacker. It is important and everyone whinges about the council but I was the same and felt I didn't really know enough about the candidates to give them my vote - having said that I knew a few people I definitely didn't want to vote for! Next time I will get more organised and read the flyers that clutter my mailbox instead of flinging them absent mindedly into the recycling bin! Promise... ;O)


Yes I did because if things are going to improve we need some movers and shakers up here in the North. Besides, if I didn't vote I wouldn't be able to complain about things not changing!


If you don't vote, then don't complain. Simple as.


A shame Mr Laws wasn't elected as mayor of Wanganui and 8 out of the 12 councilors remain in office. The problem with residents here is that they don't like change... no wonder this place is a dying city. Michael would be the best person or the job, but the most of the voters chose to keep someone in the chair who likes to sit back and cut a few ribbons. I can see why many don't even bother voting.


I voted and was glad Lianne Dalziell is the new mayor in Christchurch. Well done.


No I didn't. I do think it is important but didn't feel like I knew enough about any of the candidates to make an informed decision. I would hate to vote for someone then decide I didn't like them!

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