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Lifes important message

Live one day at a time and as if it were your last


Cherish and Value Education: It is the only acquisition that will stay with you always. Believe In Yourself, Dare to Dream And Never Give Up: You are capable of achieving much more than what you believe is possible. Try To Give Your Best In Everything You Do: Time is the most precious resource you have and you should, therefore, use it wisely. Do Not Be Hard On Yourself: Even in the depth of despair believe that things will pass and that a better and brighter future awaits you. Take Responsibility For Your Actions: Do not blame others for your failures nor judge them harshly for their own short-comings. Be Free Of Hatred And Prejudices: Respect all living things and remember prejudice and hatred have led to more destruction and conflict than all other forces in history. Love All And Serve All: Reach out to others and give back to society that has nurtured you, whatever you can. Service is the greatest joy in life. Bring Spirituality Into Your Life: Lead a life of truthfulness, integrity and purity. Travel Widely: Travel widens horizons and fosters reflection on life’s wonderful diversity. Work with Others to Create A More Peaceful, Respectful and Tolerant World.


Enjoy every moment. THey only come once and pass you by.


Life is gift, do not throw it away waiting for something better


Don't expect much out of life, son. That way you'll never be disappointed. Homer Simpson.


It is popular to think that LOVE is what truly matters and holds the most value. Well that may be true, but without wisdom to know what love is, we can easily be led astray. You don't have to choose between love and wisdom. I think we need to choose to love AND wisdom.


Treat other people how you would like to be treated


There are some things in life that do not make sense, No matter how hard you try to analyse every angle . It will never make sense. Accept it and move on from it


LIFE important message is simply that WE HAVE ONLY ONE LIFE TO LIVE... so LIVE the FULLEST... ENJOY the JOURNEY, with all the ups and downs of it... LOVE LIFE... Cheers!


Do you always feel that the road to success is always under construction. Then take note, to succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone. Remember your future depends on the choices you have made in the past.


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