Discussing :: LG makes the largest of the thinnest TV screens ever!!


LG makes the largest of the thinnest TV screens ever!!

...LG makes the largest of the thinnest TV screens ever a mammoth 55-inch OLED TV....The 5-millimeter-thick display is light, pencil-thin, and promises high definition with no after image--that motion-induced blur you may see in an LCD screen. In addition, it boasts a contrast ratio of over 100,000:1....wow!...I want one...pictures to follow... ....Am interested to know how the heat technology handles burn effect for that size TV, cause it would be hot inside when the TV is operating I suspect....


...LG 55-inch OLED TV......picture one


...LG 55-inch OLED TV......picture two measured next to a pen!


DeeDee I thought girth was important? :)

....style trumps girth every time......you should know that PB!.... :-)


Not sure how this is that relevant to "current events and sport" or even all that interesting really. Maybe I'm just cynical because I'll have to wait about 5 years before I might be able to afford one :(

...umm the time I posted it, it was a current technology event....this thread is not just for sports...I think its great to hear about new technology coming on to the market...and unfortunately GF do not have a technology thread, which me and a couple of others have asked for.....this thread is not just for sport.......in regard to interest no worries some of your posts aren't exactly thought provoking either......

Yes they are.

...yeah keep thinking that if it makes you feel any better....lol

It does make me feel better. Being a man, most of the time I just don't care to think to deeply about things, not to say that it can't be done. So, on the technology theme, I will try to post something interesting for you... Today, your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969 when it sent two astronauts to the moon. The Sony Playstation of today has the power of a military supercomputer of 1997, which cost millions of dollars.

....depends on how one defines a man, men assume they are a man in the physical sense yes but in character, personality and integrity makes that title differ some what....as for the technology theme.....next....already knew that wonderful piece of thought provoking information....when I was at Uni, Emerging Technology 101 me thinks...but wait for WOW that was awesome!....

Tough crowd

....lol....can't help always been hard to handle......I have a tendency to speak my mind.....


I'll be in when we get a decent girth- errr I mean size- has to be 64-70" for my next upgrade.

Hi WG....hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a great New Year......I think this thin LG is great but yes would have to buy a bigger size to satisfy my viewing....but with Smart TV's coming out more....we have so many options so for me I am going to sit back and see what's coming on the market for now....until one catches my glance and keeps it.....


Thank you DeeDee. Yes the technological advancement is showing no signs of slowing down and unbelievably the more bang for your buck just seems to keep improving...do any of these three catch your glance? Personally I think they all have a size issue so they're not for me but its fun to browse and wonder.

....yeah looking at this picture I'll pass on the lot thanks including the TV....lol....but the rug looks cosy.... :-)


Hope LG and i'm sure they must of is resolve the short shelf life of organic phosphor. Blue has an est. life of 7000 hrs on earlier test panels for example so at 5hrs a day 365 days a year you'd be looking at a max life of 3.8 yrs. So if you don't mind losing 1k a year (guessing here) then it's the 'flat boy' for you.


Big has to be the number one priority for home entertainment, but what ever you buy the guy next to you will immediately out do you (it's hard work keeping up with the Mr & Mrs Jones, lol). We should be looking at 70 inch plus here, 55 is well below my next goal.

...nup unfortunately BJ you and I will have to disagree....quality is better than the size....you can have the biggest TV with crap picture quality and other bad features....so I would take quality and functionality over size any day.....

Deedee, I think Badjoker is still busting out his Projector TV from 2001 which is a badjoke itself. the Quality of picture should be first priority however I gather what BadJoker is saying is that is 42 inches is small these days and soon the picture quality will be standard no matter how big it is. 29 inches has taken over 14 inches as your spare/kids room TV.

Like rock star Freddie Mercury said" the bigger the better, in everything" and he would know.

....BJ is busting out something.....lol....yeah 42 inches is crap these days but I would take high quality 42" inch over a 55" old school projector TV any day.......bigger size with bigger quality makes us all happy....as for Freddie Mercury....liking the bigger the better....ewwww.....lol

A 60 or even a 70 inch TV in the lounge should be big enough for the next 5 years or so, lol. Got to be 1080P, anything else is a joke.
Need to have a big sound system to go with it though for the best results (got that), now for the TV.


OMG, thats soooooo thin, i'd be worried a straong breeze in the house and it would fly out the window

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