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Kiwis League World Cup squad

What do people think of the squad? Disappointing Kenny-Dowall is injured, the Centre's is going to be a bit of a patch job once again (isnt it always?). Not surprised SBW is being SBW and doing his own thing rather than staying loyal. Great role model that kid is. Here's the squad if you haven't seen it: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11136695


SBW has made a u-turn! We need him in but who will make way! what a stuff up


Soooooo over SBW!!!! Seems to be a person who cannot commit to just one code. Is after the records in lots of sports, and does not care whose toes he stands on..... stay in Oz SBW


SBW! Make your mind up


I think we need SBW. He holds that Xfactor in what could be bringing the World Cup home. I would rather have him there if he can give us the edge. I think he wants the best for the team he is picked for and plays 100%. I have seen high profile All Blacks play well for the All Blacks but not for the provincial/super 15 team. I think SBW gives his best for every team he plays for!


All very well saying SBW should be in the team and i agree. however the way he went about that is not acceptable he prances around like a hero and keeps people talking. Sure he puts bums on seats and he is a good league player and the kiwis will benefit having him. Ab's don't need him sevens don't need him (Results show this!!) we have players willing to work there the a$$ off in their chosen field we don't need constant code switching

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