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Kiwi driving skills (or lack thereof)

NZ is full of people with nothing better to do with their time than be outraged, the last outpouring of hot air about tourist drivers being the most recent example. Instead of bleating about the evil foreigners who are apparently killing off Kiwis in droves with their horrendous driving, why not a. have a good look at yourselves and your own driving skill (or not), and b. promote some programmes that might help make our roads safer regardless of who is driving..? One example would be to clear some of the claggage from high school curriculums in favour of some practical skills training, including some Driving 101? Another might be to take the current Road Safety advertisement (the one about everyone making mistakes) to heart and making a conscious effort to improve your own performance on the road (yes, I do know that most of the outraged are already perfect but its the thought that counts), start thinking ahead 'what-if' as you approach intersections, corners etc, accepting that you might have to save yourself and your passengers from someone else's error...? That would be a lot more productive than mindlessly bleating about foreign drivers...


Exactly! I decided the other day that the reason we are such bad drivers is that we go at it like it's a competitive sport - therefore you have to be first, fastest, not let anyone in (merge - what's that?), and drive like you are the only one on the road. I like old fashioned things like indicating, looking where you are going and giving other driver's a break - hey, I got in the wrong lane - you won't die if you let me in front of you instead of me holding everyone up! Patience is a virtue people not a weakness! ;O) sigh...


I think everybody over the age of 40 should have to resit their licence... many have no idea about some of the basic road rules and I can guarantee you that the the majority will not pass. Especially older drivers, who also need to be checked medically including the state of their mental and physical health. I agree, there are far too many local bad drivers on our roads.

Over 40? Haha. What are you, early 20s? Teens?

I'm in my late 20's... reading about vehicle accidents in the newspaper, the majority of those crashes happen involving those over 40. Local drivers here are shocking. The licence test is far more difficult to pass now than it was 25 years ago.


I would like to do cycling but find the roads too dangerous.


Firstly, GONZALA I am sure that your young boy attitude will change when you hit the ripe old age of 40. Id have no trouble putting you to shame with my drivng skills and experience behind the wheel. The proof in that may be that I have never been involved in a road accident in...wait for it....29yrs of driving (yes I got my licence when 15 was still the legal age). I own a number of high performance cars several sporting way more than 500hp and still no accidents, and yes I do use my right foot!! Anyway SJP I do agree, after just returning from a month in Bali, it is easy to note the MASSIVE difference in driving styles. Not only are they patient, letting people merge and allowing peds to cross but they never shout or get angry or have road rage. NZ's have a lot to learn about how to handle themselves on a public road, indicators, giving way, how to use a round about, not speeding up when you hit the passing lanes!! NZ, I believe is a very imature driving nation and the sooner we grow up the better for all concerned.


I think that more license re-sits are key.


I have travelled the world and the worse driving is in N.Z I am afraid xx


Kiwi drivers are really arrogant and selfish on the road. It would be nice if we all just chilled out a bit and showed a few more manners on the road.


There is some shocking driving in NZ. Never being overseas but it can get terrible here. so much rage.


After moving from Auckland to the Far North I have noticed that the driving skills of a lot of people in Auckland leave a lot to be desired , probably because everyone is in such a hurry, but up here everyone is more relaxed and not in that much of a hurry so the driving is so much better. :)


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