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Keep the price of milk down

Heres my soultion to the ever inreasing milk prices now I live in a small town of 9,000 people surronded by lush Taranaki farms with fonterras milk plant not so far away yet milk in my local supermarket is so bloody expensive even though its produced only 30ks away . Now most people in Taranaki and other towns and cities still have a back yard unless theyve been subdivided to S***t Now The average cow can produce about 20 litres of milk per day So if each four or five houses shared a cow then milk would be free. Now I know that that the carbon footprint left by each of these cows would raise our emmsions but that could be of set by not having to use your lawn mower thus counter balancing the emmisions possibly making them carbonm neutral after all the milk doesnt have to be shipped packaged and transported . Also when Bessie the cow came to the end of her milking days the street could have a send of for her in the way of a cremation via bbq and feeding those hungry children bringing the community togeither and saving more money . This would also teach children about life and death and the circle of life and where there food comes from its also more enviromentally friendly as no butchery packaging. For those who live in cities in apartments you might have to pay for milk .But you could have a couple of free range chickens on your small deck supplying you with a bit of nature and free eggs and a chicken Korma now and then.

...Yeah good luck with that one....we have the biggest dairy company....who make up the best excuses as to why they charge such exorbitant prices....blame the supermarkets blame everyone else but themselves....the price won't change unless so pressure is put on them to do so....


Too many middle men push up the price. I saw in the herald the other week they are now limiting how much you can buy from a farmer.


whats worse is the countrys they export it to are getting it cheap and its just not fair just because we have no competition they can keep the prices relitively high.i dont even have milk in my coffee now because of this reason.


I cannot understand why we have to pay the same price for our dairy products as the rest of the world. 2O percent of Dairy production should be sold to the NZ market at a cheaper rate. The problem is the NZ consumers will have drastically reduced their dairy consumption because of the very high prices. When world market demand for dairy products is lower in the future, the Dairy farmers will find that NZ demand for dairy products has halved.

The thing is we dont pay the same price we actually pay more than countrys we supply its just not right.

...exactly right and then they try and justify why we may more yet it is produced and the rest in our country...so sad and ridiculous...


Best way is to buy a cow, then you have no tax to pay.


Well your prayers have been answered (in today's Herald) Fonterra is to announce changes tomorrow to help make milk more accessible to Kiwis. A survey of 1000 people showed that 91% thought they were paying a high price for milk. At least they listened!

Did they say how they are planning to do this? They announced today that they are giving milk to kids in school. Which I think is a rather transparent marketing ploy and a way to get kids in the habit of drinking milk, thus attempting to make them life long fonterra customers. I'm also not that impressed that they charge me a ton for milk, and then give it to my kids for 'free' rather than letting me decide how much and when my kids drink milk.


Forcing them to sell cheap in NZ is not the magic bullet people seem to think it is. It would cause other headaches as well. Would we force meat, wool, honey products etc to all sell cheap in NZ as well? We would need legislation to lower the price and then legislation to force them to sell a portion in NZ because the low price would mean selling in NZ is not attractive. Cue the high paid lawyers and Government officials who would drag it out for at least another year before action. Under the present situation the general NZ public pay exorbitant amounts for milk. However, exporters make good money - Money then comes to NZ and is paid to owners, suppliers, employees etc. Most of it feeds into the NZ economy making us all generally better off (unless the company is foreign controlled and owners distributions zap back out of the country but that is a separate issue). Reducing the money made by dairy companies would reduce payouts, employment, investment in new plant and so on - in effect their pie gets smaller. Oh dear, time to drink more water and less milk :(

If it worked that when the rick made more money then it was passed down to the poor I would agree with this. But it has been proven that this is not the case. Poor people do not benefit from high prices of milk. Full stop.

High price of milk may not help poor people but I don't think simply forcing companies to sell cheap in NZ is necessarily the answer. If you want to help poor people then lowering the price helps the rich to - and the rich would be able to stock up on much more milk and milk products than the poor so the effect might be amplified. Might as well ask for milk stamps for beneficiaries, or a bigger tax rebate for poor people so they can afford the current prices.

...I don't believe it's a case of rich or poor it's the principal of having reasonable pricing on our diary products......legislature wouldn't work because fonterra indirectly through farmers will cry wolf...and the mere thought I'm sure they will say would be the demise of the farming industry in NZ...BS Fonterra wants more money, and will continue to price it as they choose....they will just blame the little guys further down the hierarchy as to why they must do it.....

I'm pretty sure the Government are still wrestling over those questions with their high powered milk price reviews - What is a reasonable price? And who is it reasonable to? For me, the best answer I've seen on this forum so far is to get your own cow or drink less milk.

...hahaha yes drink water would be a good alternative apparently they are looking more seriously into the price of milk watch this space, because we can only imagine how long it will take the government to sort this one out....getting a goat sounds like a plan....lol


Fonterra are going to give kids free milk in schools. It is Just another cunning marketing ploy to brain wash kids into drinking Milk.

What he said. Wait, what I said, three posts before he said it.


Yeah don't buy into that Fonterra "give kids free milk in schools" rubbish. Just another PR campaign as most NZ'ers dislike them. Fonterra pollute all the rivers to make the milk then rip us off with the milk prices. and cry for a government bailout when there's a droughts. Talk about get shagged every way possible by corporate greed!

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