Discussing :: Kaino is off to Japan (apparently)


Kaino is off to Japan (apparently)

Sayonara Jerome! All the very best in Japan and thanks for everything. You have really matured over the last 2 years and you have really stepped up to be a world class 6. For me you were the Best player in the 2011 RWC. Unlike that show pony AB team mate of yours who wants to go back to league, you will be missed!


Kaino is the Man. Vito and Thomson need to step up now. Smash'm bro in Japan, Jerome.


Yes sad to see happen, but apparently he still has his AB career in his sights.....hopefully Messam may get a chance after Vito and Thomson....cause I like how he is going so far this season.......


good on him, he needs to make money out of the sport while he is still fit and able. His shoulders cant hold out for much longer. Couple of million for a couple fo seasons would be great for his families future


At the end of the day you need food on the table and something put away for your retirement. Take the money, all the best.


Yes, most sport seems to have a limited time where you can play at top level (except golf and possibly synchronised swimming :)) so good on sports people for making the most of it while they are still able. Kaino has done us proud and can now spread the religion of rugby to other parts of the world. Can i get an amen?... :)


More of the All Black's best will be going after the money as it comonplace in all other professional sports. Maybe it is time for the NZ Rugby administrators to allow overseas players to be considered for All Black selection.


...he definite is thinking about his and his families future and good on him why not I say....while he is in a position to command a good amount of funds then go for it....he worked like a machine during the RWC so will always be in support of the things with down to earth guy wants to do in regard to his future......go for it Kaino....go Messam for stepping up....personally I think Thomson is over rated....Vito is cool player though


The money must be really good in Japan if ex All Blacks go there.


Will miss Kaino for sure. hes the man!

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