Discussing :: Johnny Depps perfection in varous roles


Johnny Depps perfection in varous roles

This man can play any character he wants and have the role absolutely perfected, what will he do next?! My favourite role was Edward scissor hands and least was in Charlie and the chocolate factory, what do other people think?

The 50-year-old actor Johnny Depp Dresses Up For His Rolling Stone Cover!

Yeah, I have to agree - there are some movies that he has been in that I haven't liked but I cannot think of any in which his performance has caused the DVD to be loaded into the skeet thrower...


Almost in total agreement with you, but I didn't care for "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".


He is an awesome actor, he takes every role and makes it his own


mmm johnny depp. fantastical. I love his style of acting, and he's a hottie!


His roles are almost exclusively quirky. Considering he started out on the small screen playing an under cover teenage cop it is now hard to imagine him in a similar role.


Johnny Depp him tonto now he great actor


Johnny Depp adds fun, laughter and diversity to any role he plays, i especially love him in "The Secret Window" and "Chocolat"


He's a bit bonkers but a fantastic actor


There's one thing i love about Johnny Depp and its the fact that he's always willing to try something new.. It's mind boggling how many roles he's taken on over the years and if i had to pick one as my favourite it would have to be.. Captain Jack Sparrow he's a lot of fun to watch.. I'm looking forward to seeing him in The Lone Ranger i'm confident he's going to be an amazing Tonto!


Very talented actor!! I am yet to see him play a role that is not totally believable.


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