Discussing :: John Key legislation allowing government intelligence agencies the right to spy on New Zealand Citizens


John Key legislation allowing government intelligence agencies the right to spy on New Zealand Citizens

In recent news John Key is passing a legislation allow intelligence agencies such as the GCSB the right to spy on New Zealanders including law abiding citizens. Now I imagined such an attack on our privacies and freedom would kick up a fuss but I haven't heard a peep now I find such an action extremely unsettling and have formed a petition for those against it http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/prevent-spying-on-new-zealand-citizens.html Look at the United States after they passed the patriot act they have treaded all over peoples liberties they have targeted peaceful protestors and have signed the NDAA overwriting the rule of law by voiding trials. Corporate personhood has allowed corporations to literally buy the governments favor including international so think of that the next time you hear pof growing relations between new zealand and china anyway as a case study america the land of the free is a joke now and through such actions we are heading down the same path.


I'm sure there are many New Zealanders that are worthy of being spied upon. If it's for a valid reason, I see no reason to justify the surveillance. It will help prevent many criminal and immoral activities in our country.

That justifies taking our freedoms away don't get me wrong I see why a lot of people are complacent with it as they think it will be used only on criminals but if you take a look at both historical and present case studies that has never been the case america for instance look into the patriot act everything is strictly monitored and controlled liberal rights are being spat on these spy agencies are like the gestapo red flagging anyone with certain political views, religious beliefs. I'm sorry but I have no reason to trust our government with such a power. We have to seriously take a look at the hand we are being dealt we are giving into a police state.


If you have nothing to hide I believe this legislation poses no threat.


Josh you sound like you need a 'chill pill.' America is a relatively a free country. To say anything to the contrary is denying the facts. I have no problem using the latest technology to stay one jump ahead of the crims. Take for example the case in our own country with the near death bashing of Jesse Ryder, caught on cctv. Authorities are already, through cctv, spying on its citizens and I feel good about that. Imagine how quickly they will be able to find 'p labs' etc, while at the same time gathering evidence for a prosecution. Shutting down quicker the misery merchants.


Goverment is going to do what it is going to do regardless.look at that law passed in cypris for taking 20% of money from peoples accounts to bail them out of trouble ( They also froze peoples accounts prior to passing this law so people couldnt access their money). How that is fair beats me.


Recent reviews would implicate the GCSB acting outside their brief. Instead of bringing them into line as any responsible Minister should John Key instead proposes to give them more power and more leeway so that he can't be found guilty of not managing his portfolio properly. Basically, change the law to let them do what they've been doing and then it's not a problem anymore. If this is how the guy at the top operates how can we expect any accountability from any member of the National Government?


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