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Jim Beam & Cola Competition

A great drink, and no sugar means less calories which has to be good for you. More for me, I say.


Fantastic - love Jim eam with Coke Zero and is a much better option for those of us that like the odd drink and have diabetes!


Jim beam with coke zero is one of my go to drinks. Now I can get it in convenient cans


Wow......No sugar...means I get to drink more with Jim Beam.....within reason.....and walk home........


Beam me up scotty --- will do Jim


Beam Inc. was founded in 1904 and is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinoisthe. Jim Beam is their #1 selling branded bourbon in the world. They have re-invented their produce with the new products available such as JM Honey & Devils Cut, which have become popular in bars. Now Jim Beam & Cola is here to shake up the RTD Market. Although this line of RTD's was aimed at the under 20's it certainly can be enjoyed by all. Convenient when say at the beach on holiday and No Sugar has to be a bonus.


A "healthier" option, but personally I don't mind the sugar.


Drinking coke seems wrong but with a little bit of jimmy in it gets you on our way to more energy and a night too not remember =)


after a dozen with normal coke it gets too sweet, then after a couple more Jim beams it's tastes all good again lol


Surely, they aren't the first to think of it? I'm not surprised. Jim Beam seem to be very innovative lately.

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