Discussing :: Its about time someone brought out a smartphone that even the rather unwealthy can afford,lol


Its about time someone brought out a smartphone that even the rather unwealthy can afford,lol

Top marks to Vodafone, i must say, not only cellphones, but electronic goods on the whole, are so priced through the roof when first released, do come down in price rather quickly,(ie:computers and accessories, tv's, etc), but "fancy" mobile phones, (again ie: the ones that pretty much do everything except make your morning toast and coffee), have remained pretty much a wealthy persons device, so is great to see smartphone for under $100, way to go Vodafone, maybe this is finally the beginning of smartphone price wars???? not so well off people like myself look forward to it, AND APPLAUD YOU!!!!


I have been thinking of getting a new phone for a while now. I don't want to pay the big bucks for one of the newer smart phones. I don't think personally I would get the use out of them to justify the price.


Yeah I agree, there are some cheaper ones out there but generally if they're cheap, they're shit. My friends have had some of the low end Telecom ones and the touch on them is so unresponsive you almost need to hit it with a hammer to operate it.


It all comes down to you get what you pay for. Some many people only need a device to text, phone and take the odd picture with. Why have all the rest of the crap that you very rarely use? I do generally buy a new phone every couple of years and this year I bought an iPhone5. First iPhone I have ever had and all I can say is that the Apple users dont know what they are missing. Samsung is soooo much more advanced and better featured and easier to use than an iPhone. Must be a brand thing. I'm going back to Samsung very soon cause the iPhone drives me nuts.


I do think those that don't use smart phones miss out on something, but not much. They are handy for their GPS - using with maps and navigating when in a foreign city or place or finding an address. Also useful for photo and video features (depends on smartphone as to quality of this). Useful to check e-mails and basic internet browsing. On top of that you have the 'phone' feature which might have some extra smarts like voice activated calling etc. Then you can get more games and other 'apps' or applications which IS the most valuable thing for me - as I mark myself as a potential future developer or person that might make one of these apps. For the average person you're not going to die if you don't have a smart phone. Their battery life is often poor (having to support a bigger screen and other services like wifi , GPS, Bluetooth). It's nice that smart phones are getting cheaper - I just hope that the quality on them is ok. Would be interested in trying one of the budget ones just to compare.


I'm really pleased that the technology is becoming cheaper. Too many times it's a "brand" so you pay a premium and they never go on special. It's also too easy to drop them etc and unless you have insurance you are back to square one and have to fork out for a new one. I also like that as they become cheaper, it encourages more people to trade up to a smartphone as it's not such a big investment. I say this specifically for my parents who only want to text and make calls, but are now open to the idea of surfing the net by phone. The price definitely makes it easier to move with the times!

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