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ISIS or Ebola?

What do you think is the bigger threat to the world, Isis or Ebola? Both threaten world peace and with both, the world response seems to be slow and driven by bureaucracy. In addition both can enter countries in a stealth like manner-the time bomb ready to explode and cause chaos. Do you think the media is creating or helping to keep panic at bay? Are our facilities in NZ enough to cope with someone returning with Ebola? Do we need better terrorist laws for ISIS fighters deciding to return to NZ? Frankly, I think if the States with all their high tech gear can't cope with one Ebola victim will we be able to. And yes we have had terrorists on NZ soil-the French ones who blew up the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior but what would be the point of blowing up anything in NZ? We are just too small and inoffensive.


Ebola sounds scary, it's so contagious... I hope it doesn't make it to NZ...


i do think because of our size and location we are quite vulnerable for sure, and honestly they both scare the hell out of me,i also think the media do a lot of damage and scare mongering, think back to the bird flu, much the same, i just hope it doesnt reach here ,either of them.


Shame Possums can't get Ebola! Or be bred/trained to eat and survive only on gorse... Like Koalas only eat Eucalyptus. Australia doesn't have a Eucalyptus problem!!!


Definitely Ebola...not enough is being done to stop the spread and it has the potential to kill a lot more people than ISIS.


Ebola is a real killer - it is spread so easily and is fatal.


Only a matter of time before Ebola mutates and becomes an airborne disease. Isis could be dealt with if a few powers that be sanctioned it.


would say Ebola!!!


Ebola is more likely to effect us. we should try make it so that Isis members catch ebola


definitely Ebola, if only we can find a way to infect these radical terrorists with it, the world would be better of for it


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