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Is the GC worth $430,000?

I had to "what doing" the "mozzies" on the GC to see if it was "choice bro" or a NZ-on-Air funded train wreck TV show at it's absolute worst. No surprise really that it was a shocker. Fair play to the "neffs" for chasing "the dream of money, sex, fame" as I did the same for years but I never got close to running it down. Also Fair play to them for spending my tax payers money on XXXX and on some quality aussie trim ooppsss sorry I meant to say "Auntys" as it wasn't there brilliant idea for the TV show. But someone at NZ-on-Air approving the $430,000 for this, is what I can't understand. Surely Rolling with the Ridges (or Honey, I shagged your boyfriend/2 and a half brain cells) won't get the green light too? And by the way, how does Shortland St manage to stay on TV? Please God (Yes God, I know it's been a long long long time) make it stop!


Glad to see that the G.C will not replace Police 10/7 as the most popular NZ show on overseas TV. Too tight as well , Police 10/7 has better scripts, actors and is far less embarassing.


So guys l think the programs shit, l wouldn't even give them $1-00 Bailed out after a few minutes.


I think the GC is crap to!!


What an utter embarassment this programme is. Talk about a group of wannabees who think they will be the next Jersey Shore or something... The lingo is so completely farked, honestly 'Aunties' if i went around saying i wanted to hook up with an 'Aunty' my mates would think i had lost the plot, eikther that or i had a thing for much older women who i am related too. Waste of a timeslot where we could have something a bit more thought provoking than this crap.


watched the first episode and never again.like Jackson said, they want to be jersey shore. didnt like the actors, the acting, nothing.. apart from the location.


It was pretty craptastic, eh. The guys at least had an element of humour to them but the women looked like they were reading off queue cards behind the cameras. Really dissapointing, narcissistic and trashy and a sad indictment on the production companies of New Zealand if they think this is entertaining. I think the television watching public, for the majority, are fairly critical of this shit fest.


Never liked JS so will never like GC. Would like to say something bad about them but don't want to bring the tone of this thread down !!!!


I thought it was utter rubbish. Agreed with many that it is just a low attempt to be like Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore. I’m not going lie, I quite enjoy Geordie Shore based on the fact they are much more real than the Jersey Shore characters. Their language and attitudes is always a good laugh. However the GC just made me feel like they are putting the kiwi name to shame. I’m part Maori and sure, by all means I’d go over to make more money and further my career if the opportunity came about however they just seem like a bunch of air heads trying to be cool and make a name for themselves for all the wrong reasons. Not actually striving hard for their careers or anything. I think it’s a massive waste of money. All that lame ‘aunties’ talk, I mean really?


Anyone who watches and likes reality tv knows that most of it is BS!!! But we love it because its humans interacting and fighting and loving etc etc.

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