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Is Richie McCaw the greatest?

After his latest heriocs in leading the unbeaten All Blacks to the Rugby Championship the debate is on , once again, if Richie McCaw is either the greatest: 1/ All Black 2/ openside 3/ rugby player 4/ cheat (according to some)? Without doubt he is a top player but I just don't know. Maybe when he hangs up his boot I might realise just how good he truely was. But at the moment here's my 2 cents to this debate. 1/ Zin Zan Brooke is the greatest AB (the blueprint to the modern day loose forward) 2/ Richie is possibly the greatest openside 3/ Zin Zan (yes I'm a fan of his) 4/ Only when he plays for Crusaders/Canterbury


Please show some respect barnes10 it's Sir Richie MCaw to us mere mortals! My thoughts are 1. Yes he is the Greatest AB (sorry Pinetree) 2. Yes he is the Greatest Openside (sorry Iceman) 3. Yes he is the Greatest rugby Player ever (sorry Prettyboy) 4. Yes his is the Greatest cheat and Ref (sorry Sir Richie)


I think even though he may be considered by some to be the greatest, I still think that you should not single out one person when we have a team that is so successful. Google search 'most successful sports team in the world'. And see what comes up. Richie was not there 20 years ago, 50 years ago, yet the all blacks were always good. So to answer the question: No he is not. In my opinion it is not the right question to ask!

Roars, what is the right question then? Is there anyone you rate as the greatest player in a team sport?

for example Don Bradman, Pele, Michael Jordan are all rated by many the greatest in there sport (and they all were in successful teams). While current stars such as Tendulkar, Messi, James now fight for the right to that title in this era.

The All Blacks will have a succesful record and will also be good but that's because rugby is not a big sport around the world


YES Richie McCaw is the GREATEST not only an awesome all black but a nice down to earth guy!


He's pretty good, but I wouldn't say he's the greatest, he may have great moments but that doesn't make you the greatest.


Yes he is the Greatest of this era. However ever I don't think you can compare era's and sport (and life) evolves. Colin Meads would be too small to be a AB lock these days. "IT"S EVOLUTION BABY" - Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)


Colin Meads is the best bro. Even this website says so: http://jimungo.com/blogs/new_zealand_rugby_world/archive/2009/09/10/the-50-greatest-all-blacks.aspx With Lomu in 2nd - though I don't agree with that.

Richie is listed as #11. However, there is a footnote as to why...

"His No 11 spot is the highest position we could give him against the criteria of keeping the top 10 for players retired."

I wonder where he would be ranked if the criteria was different?


McCaw is well hard. The game is so mich harder now than what it used to be and for him to have played well over 100 tests is testimate to his hardness!


....I think Ritchie is definitely the greatest open side flanker NZ has ever produced, and probably the world....it's hard to measure in regard to the greatest All Black because their are many great AB players that come from different era's different set of game rules, compare amateurs against professionals hard to do....and he is my favourite player of all time, always has been, I have always had my favourites but he has always been on top of them all.....if we can look at it from the professional modern game era then I would say he is the best player ever.....many haters say he is a cheat.....but I say they should look at their own players who play in the same position....they probably pull fast one's too, they just get caught....that is the nature of the game you always try and get one up on your opponent and Ritchie is the master....and the grass hoppers hate it.....


I would have to say that Richie is the greatest All Black and Captain, his record speaks that. The guy is a machine and to play at that level, putting your body on the line for not only the AB's, but the Crusaders and Canterbury, just goes to show the love the guy has for the game and his mates around him. I wouldn't say he is the greatest No 7, that belongs to Michael Jones...another freak!! The cool thing about NZ is that we will have another Richie, but even better in a generations time.

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