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Is Colin Slade the Back-up 1st Five for Daniel Carter?

Give Slade a break he is still learning to play international rugby. Slade will have learnt a lot from the against the Japan. Loved to have seen DC getting the quick passes from Ellis in the Japanese game. Hope Jimmy and Piri were Watching how it is done.


Slade IS the back up for DC. He's in the squad. He's a specialist first five. By virtue of that, he is the back up. No point debating whether he should be there or not, or whether anyone else is a better option, because they are not there. Of course he's nowhere near where DC is at in terms of skill and experience. But what other first five in the world is? Nobody. DC is world class, and step above the rest, no matter who they are. So Colin Slade is a back-up...and just that...a BACK-UP. Hopefully DC will stay injury free and we won't have to rely on Slade to run the cutter in a major knockout game. But if he has to, then let's back him, support him, get in behind him, and have the confidence to know that he and the rest of the team as a unit will succeed and finally bring home Web Ellis to where it belongs...

Well....can anyone kick better. Yes Even Peri Weepu can.
Can anyone tackle better? Yes -just about any of the others in the squad.
Can anyone think better? Yes Smith is fantastic.
Can anyone run better?
Most of the rest of the backs in the squad.

Which begs the question why was Slade picked at all?


Obviously there was a lot of debate over whether Aaron Cruden should've been picked as 1st five backup instead of Slade, and although Weepu's been bandied about as an alternative in recent weeks, the fact remains that while he can do several things quite well he's not a backline general. Sure, Slade is not at the level where he needs to be in terms of directing the game either, but keep in mind he's expected to be managing several guys with greater age and experience than him, and he needs to get this experience before he'll become a truly great 1st five. Honestly, I don't think there was much to pick between Cruden and Slade, but they were definitely the two prime contenders and now Ted's made his choice we need to let the boy have some gametime and let him settle into his role (although hopefully DC will be around for a little longer yet!).


How can someone whose favourite food is, I quote, 'mince on toast' not be an awesome 1st five. Spotlight on Piri Weepu. Sure he may be more of a halfback but having the versatility to cover both roles makes him shine brighter than Slade in my test team. Go mince on toast GO!


Weepu does have more experience at this moment in time, but Slade can only get better as he gains more experience and has more matches under his belt. I'm sure all the pressure to perform from the public doesn't really help his cause. Cut Slade some slack - he's still young and he can learn. He's never going to just become another superstar like Carter overnight.


From what I saw of Slade, he definitely was lacking the experience earlier on in the game. When kicking the conversions, he looked incredibly nervous until later on in the game. Giving the ball to the japanese player was no doubt a bit of a set back for the poor guy. He has potential though.


I could have cringed when Slade gave away points to Japan in the last game, what was he thinking but in saying that Ted must see something in him, let's just hope we see it soon....I was surprised that he was selected I thought Aaron Cruden was a sure in but with selection you can never can be sure.....I think Peri should be in backing up Carter and Slade start of the bench....I hope this potential everyone sees in Slade surfaces very soon...because with the surprise wins over the last week the AB's are going to have to step up even more so now


Go Slade! Cut him some slack!! Its better putting him out in games like Japan and Canada instead of a much bigger game. It was probably a lot of nerves!!! I mean look at Jonny Wilkinson....that was little embarrassing in that game when he kept missing goals....


I fear that if we have to be asking the question now then the answer is no and we don't actually have any idea who is....a sad state of affairs for the All blacks at this particular time- especially when we are the only major country with this headache.


The problem with the current version of Colin Slade is that he lack big match temprament. Isreal Dagg has shown he has it...Colin Slade not. With time and experience he may develop it, but does not have it now. During the knock-out stages there are no 2nd chances, that is why the best approach is to go with proven experience...no Colin Slade in my team during the knockout stages.

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