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I'm over Sonny Bill Williams!!

I can't pick up a newspaper or turn on the telly without seeing the blokes mug, eyes blankly glaring into space. Is it me or do you get sick of the hype he brings wherever he ventures forth. Come on Herald on Sunday, SBW on the third page receiving a haircut is not news.


I get sick of the media hype about individual players, team sport they say? You could be forgiven for thinking the All Blacks consisted only of SBW, Richie and Dan when the Cup was on, sometimes you only end up hearing of others when they stuff up. The media hoists certain people up on pedestals then castigate them if they fall. You can see though where people like SBW are coming from, would you say no to many opportunities that can increase your profile and make you more money for a secure future for your family? I don't know many people who wouldn't sell a little soul for a little more security in life.


Me too... Hes just another overhyped sports star and lets get real, his boxing career is a joke


So over SBW. he's such a douche


Was over him ages ago and to be honest he's not even that good


I much prefer "HONEY" BILL WILLIAMS from the woman's All Black sevens team. Two girls, similar names.


Two words to describe him "SHOW PONY"


Now here is a man who will walk over everyone to get what he wants, without conscience. What amazes me is how he always gets it though. Sports codes are bending over backwards to accomodate this clown, and for what, so he can just tear up another contract. His tenure in Japan worked out well didn't it. Personally I think he should have gone for Pope, but maybe he didn't because the headgear would ruin his hair. The Heineken Open are always on the look-out for wild cards, watch this space!

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