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So we have attended our first swingers party, and it was certainly more than we expected. Certainly an eye-opener thats for sure. But we did meet one particularly nice couple who introduced us to "soft swinging". What we have participated in is what is termed as an erotic same room experience. So what does this mean? It means that the two couples get to enjoy the eroticism of shared kisses, gentle touching, cuddles and sensual massages, toys, and sexy lingerie with each other, but without penetrative sex. We were able to share the intimacy of watching and being watched as we made love to our own partners, in the same room. An absolute sensual erotic experience that we are certainly keen to repeat. We believe that we are nowhere near ready, if ever, for full swapping of partners with another couple. But the intimacy and joy of being with like minded people, who are only interested in having that shared experience, is something that we would certainly recommend everyone should try. No sleaze, no pressure, no having to perform! We look forward to our next time.


What i dont understand really is why do you feel you need to look for more anyway. in a way your saying there is something missing that your partner cannot give you that you need others to be satisfied.


....I'm starting to think this is all a bit of a big Do Do myself, especially when you have to explain what soft swinging is lol....the thing is if you and your partner are so nervous about all of this why do you find the need to give us a play by play of activities......just by pass or the hum drum and when you break up because she has run of with the couple then post some news....now that would be exciting but really....giving us info on swinging that's what Google and the thousands of other sites or should I text it lower "sites" are for.......

>> when you break up because she has run of with the couple then post some news....now that would be exciting

You would really find that sort of news exciting?? I just do not understand how a person could find the breakup of someones marriage exciting! :(

umm hello why did you post this thread in the first place and is your marriage breaking up? if you wanted to swing then do it my point is stop acting like a bumbling fool and get on with it already your like a long played out soap opera where the audience just wants to know what the cliff hanger season ending is going to be, really if you need continuous advice on what to do in your love life then something is more seriously wrong then wanting to get into swinging to potentially solve it just saying

And an absolutely merry xmas to you as well. I hope its going to be all you want and expect. Have an exciting xmas eve, and may your Christmas Day be filled with happiness and family!!

You still don't get it do you, you asked for our advice by creating this thread yet when we state the obvious, you
get slightly ticked of about it, shadowshaded is correct in saying if your relationship is perfect, why do you need others.......why do you choose to bring another dynamic into it.....

Oh btw I did have a really great Christmas with my partner, family and friends bring on the New Year....

Btw i also had a good xmas if anyone cared......lol just jokes my xmas sucked as i worked the whole day....Just a bit of a side question here nighthawk, are you religious at all?


You gotta find out the rock bottom no fibs the real truth why she wants to screw a stranger and watch you screw his wife. Might be more to this than meets the eye. And I DONT mean youre no good in bed! Might need councelling before this is a safe option to make sure it wont blow your family apart.


Yeah I hear what you're saying, the idea of sharing is tempting but makes you feel a bit self conscious and what not. I'd probably get nervous as haha! But if it was the right situation, maybe. It's all about trust and comfort levels I suppose.

The idea of sharing is tempting? here is my partner please try to please her more than i can........i just cannot relate to this idea at all . And like i said before nighthawk if you and your partner are "perfect" why are you searching for more . why do you need others?


My god if my husband ever suggested swinging, I would become a blubbering emotional wreck. Saying that to me would imply hes not happy, hes not satisfied and wants someone other than me. I couldnt and never would do it.


I think I would initially think like Ginaaaa if my partner suggested it to me . . . .


HMMMMMM arangi "initially" means that it could grow on you aye?

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