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I want to try swinging

There we were, watching Skyfall, and she turns to me and says "I want to try swinging!" Ah, shit, I think.... she's on to this bloody dancing lark again. "Honey, I have told you before, I can't dance to save myself", says I. "No, you misunderstand", she says. "Swinging... as in having sex with another couple" Well sorry, Mr Bond... but you are going to have to wait for Another Day!! Gobsmacked would be an understatement!! Here was my wife suggesting we have sex with another couple. Now I have to admit, that it has been a fantasy of mine.... but really?? Initially I think that it would be an added excitement to what is already a fantastic sex life. But then I think, watching someone else make love to my wife? What if he is bigger, better, than me.... maybe she wont want me again. And what if I couldnt perform because of nerves (or worse) with the other lady. So yes, the idea excites me, but also leaves me full of self doubt. Will we do it? I don't know! I do know that there will be a lot of discussion before and if we do. What would you do????


if your mrs is hot, I'll be keen!!!!!!!!

Absolutely she is hot!! But what she is suggesting is with another couple. Not sure I would ever entertain the idea of sharing her with just another guy. Having enough trouble getting my head around sharing her at all...


Take some Niagara (Californication joke) and harden up Nighthawk. This is alot of mens fantasy, but like Gazza has mentioned only agree to swing if the women are hotter than your Mrs!

I doubt if it would be possible to find a woman, hotter than my wife!! But then I would say that, wouldnt I??


it all depends swinging also could mean an end to a relationship you stated was already a "fantastic sex life" . people always seem to lose what they already had because they always want better . the saying goes you dont relise what youve got until its gone. i would really consider the outcomes before you jump in. i have a saying that goes "never content always leaves you seeking" you may want to think hard about this one for sure.

Why would swinging mean the end to the relationship? We have bonds that would be impossible to break.
Her theory is that it would add some spice to our lives, enhancing what we already have.

im not saying it would be an end to the relationship , im saying it MAY be an end to the relationship. it is exactly as DeeDee said there are other possiblities that could come from this.there are plenty of other ways to spice up a relationship that dont envolve others and its not only yourselves you have to think of, your also playing with other peoples emotions which CAN be dangerous.

....I'd say shadowshaded you and I can pull up a virtual sofa with some popcorn and let Nighthawk at it and will see how it plays out......because after all he did create the thread and ask the question.....we are merely offering our thoughts on it......

Yea i agree im pretty sure if the guy from 1 guy 1 jar ( if you dont know what this is then you really shouldnt look it up.) asked for advice before he done his act he would be much happier if he heard what others had to say.but alas he is probably regretting his decision.


....I'd be weary because if she is really keen to do it throughout your whole swinging experience she may end up being more attached to others involved and not you....it can happen....one minute you are both into it and then the next you come home early from work and she is swinging with out you.....caution I say cause relationships can end badly under such ideas as swinging.....you don't want to regret it in the end....


My first question would be to her....'did you have someone in mind?' Sounds like she's been considering this for a while, only problem I see is if you both enjoy it better with your other random couple than you do at home. This is an experience for a couple who REALLY trusts each other, any doubt and it will be the end of it.

Stay tuned!!!! We are attending a swingers xmas party this weekend.

We are assured that it is a no strings attached, no obligation to play party, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

And we have agreed that if one says no... then it doesnt happen!! And we either play as a couple, with a couple, or we dont play at all!!

...ummm...good luck....cause your gonna need it....


good luck hopefully it all goes well.


I am completely against the idea of swinging as I know a few couples that have done it and its strained there relationship an one of them ended, as at the end of the day, u r looking at another womans body and jealousy can get in the way!!

...one thing I definitely know and am sure anyone in a relationship is aware if you are not both 100% for it or if you are just doing it to please the other person who is all for it...that can mean trouble throwing something like that into the mix of a relationship is playing with fire......


Well good luck with that... saves me thinking about it lol


Remember this not "making love to my wife"- this is sex for sex sake....shagging...r**ting...fornicating...tell it like it is....its a road with a bad ending for most couples. Sow your wild oats before your marriage...not during it.


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