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How great was the Warriors game

My bf and our group of friends had a great night tonight first watching in the man cave the AB's play Japan...and was so proud of the kiwi supporters there that cheered the Japanese player when he scored a try...but then to watch the game clinching Warriors beat out the West Tigers just topped it all off....I still can't get over it, and can't get to sleep lol....just a great start to all the weekend sport.....


Sensational win for the Warriors- seemed like the Worriors had shown up again but this why people love to watch sport- all the drama and passion that just can't be scripted.


didnt get to watch either unfortunately i was busy being a bar tender at the girlfriends apartment for a group of Norwegians so no real interest in either game!


@Jabes your a total buzz kill!

no i had interest in it but you try convince a bunch of Scandinavians they are missing out and they really should turn down the music and put on the rugby/league haha


Where are all the Inu bashers? Very lucky win. Lets hope they can knock over the Storm and go all way. The Referees were only referring one side in the first half. They obviously got telling off at half-time and shown the penalty stats because in the second half there were some dubious square up penalties given to the Warriors. It seemed that the referees went into the game with an agenda, which is always dangerous.


All 3 grades of warriors teams in semi finals. Lets hope at least 1 of them make it to grand finals. Either way well done for getting this far. its been a long long season. Longer than super 15 , NPC , tri-nations combined...and still going in the middle of RWC. And against all Odds! Well done boys - supreme effort. absolutley gutted im going to miss the Warriors semi finals. also Junior warriors semi finals match( if i'm to get to eden park early). ill be at the ab's game. might have to leave at half time especially if its as slow as all the other RWC games (50 scrum resets later). will have to make my mind up that day if i should go or not.DAM U RWC schedule!!!


The ref tried everything he could to make the Warriors lose but the boys stuck in there right till the end and made it a freakin awesome run to the semis! Now it's just a matter of faith!


Even at 18-6 I knew the Wazzles would get back into the game, it's all about keeping the faith.


yer it was awesome, i really hope we reach the grand finals and WIN IT!!!!!!!! GO WARRIORS!


So gutted I wrote them off before they even played. Now I'm kicking myself, guess I can't call myself a supporter anymore

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