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Homebrew or Factory brew?

Was very Interested in the Clip on Campbell Live last night after the Argentina Guy won Best Beer - from a Home brew Kit. The Inventor of the Machine reckons it will take 1% Of market at some stage maybe within 10years.
The said that they use more Malt than Hops, I have come across many different styles and methods and it's cost and quantity is a lot cheaper and you can make alot more, but for someone without the machine you have down time for it to settle.
We dont mind both factory and homebrew beers, and wondr if the swing to it will increase, and lets hope the current government that keep making it hard for people to live dont go taxing or changing.


I stay away from Homebrew as I went to a workmates place for a few bottles after work. I had to go to the movies and I feel asleep. I was snoring and my mate slapped me and every body was laughing at me.

Sometimes it's better the devil you know


Homebrew. I drink both but it's still good tasting & cheap.
I've been brewing my own for the last couple of years. I


...first time I had home brew I got schooled....it was really strong stuff....lol....but still prefer it over factory brew...cause I no people who go through the process of brewing it and they love it to bits


I have only had bad home brew so I have been scared off it. My mate has made a couple batches up and they were crap. One was weak as anything and the other gave us all headaches! I'd like to try some decent stuff though.

Yeah I think once you have the home brew mix down pat then it is a quality drop but the tester batches before that can be just that really testing......lol


It's always an adventure with homebrew - so much variation and trial and error but when it works it's incredibly satisfying. I guess they both have their place but for consistency you can't beat factory brew.


I'm a student and am really noticing home brewing starting to kick off with the rising price of booze and think most people get pretty easily converted to it once they realise how simple it is and that the beer actually isn't half bad.


The thing with homebrew is that the person brewing makes it to their taste, and i have found that some mates tastes are rather extreme, in fact, i find myself turning down the offer of a free bottle or two and driving to the nearest liquor store to grab a few cans of the good stuff.


We need to get back into our homebrew. Our old still just wasnt doing its job anymore. Trying to convince hubby that the still will pay for itself after a couple of months with his drinking!


I haven't had a try at making homebrew as yet but I do have the gears. Other family members are brewing there own and they taste pretty good. The hot months are coming so I think I better get on with it. Thanks for the timely reminder.

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