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Google+ vs Facebook

Have you tried Google+ yet and will you be making the switch? After the terrible idea that is the new Facebook chat I signed up for the new Google+ seems okay and their privacy policies are much better than Facebook but it's not very "social" yet. It will be interesting to see how many people will stay faithful to Mr Zuckerberg, make the switch or use both. If you are still on Myspace or Bebo make the switch already!!

I think I'll use both. Never say never (remember Myspace?) but I think it's unlikely that Google will win this one...


Google+ has my full enthusiasm. it always shocked me how Facebook got away with such shoddy standards. Once enough of my friends move over, i will (with great delight) delete my Facebook account.


I don't have facebook, oh the horror...so I'll be thinking about it but wont have to switch.

You're not the only one, I know quite a few people without a facebook profile.


There will be something after Google + aswell. I may make the switch to google + cause facebook got way to many security flaws as time went on. Just like bebo and myspace etc.


Google knows far to much about me. Google + is just another facebook. Nothing new or special.


And today comes the news that their stats have taken a dip, after less than a month. There's a lot of bluster being babbled about it, Google sources saying that it's par for the course with a start up situation, but I can't help thinking that Facebook wouldn't have had a downturn in their stats...


Wonder if anyone else has anymore thoughts on Google+? Anyone here joined up and actually use it much?


I'm signed up, and people seem to be adding me, but not people I know. Kind of like twitter. I'm not interested in hearing about people I don't know, unless it's relevant to my studies/filmmaking, and even then I often delete them after a short time. But no, I don't even bother to look at G+ any more. No one is using it yet. I hope they do. I'd love to dump facebook.


So long as Facebook keeps adding the features that Google+ offers (which they seem to be doing), I don't see the masses making the move over to Google+. Sure there may be a few, but it will take more than video conferencing to convince $750M+ people to make the change.

And didn't Facebook add video calling recently? Not that I can find it....


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